Meet The Next Gen in Music: Introducing YouTube Music’s Foundry Class of 2021 Member Tenille Arts

YouTube Music’s Foundry (their global artist development program) is focused on serving independent music because they believe that the creative potential of independent artists is unmatched. The 2021 Foundry Class is the largest to date — 27 artists representing 14 countries and a broad spectrum of musical heritage. As part of the program, artists will receive dedicated partner support from YouTube and seed funding invested into the development of their content. The combination of access to resources and great teams enables artists to create and launch their music with greater impact and global reach.

What influenced your parents to name you after the popular 1970’s husband and wife group, Captain and Tenille?

My parents just loved the name! Everyone in my family has 2 middle names so my full name is Tenille Jade Dakota Arts! I think it’s pretty fitting that my name came from a musical duo.

The Bachelor. Performing original love songs, “Moment of Weakness” in 2018 and “Somebody Like That” in 2020. “It’s definitely something I didn’t expect. I didn’t realize performing on ‘The Bachelor’ would be something that would get my music out to tons of people, but now here we are. So, it’s been really cool.” What part do you think the reality show appearance played in “Somebody Like That” becoming a #1 hit?

It was crucial! My performances on The Bachelor have shared my music with such a wide variety of people. I even had people that said they didn’t typically like country music say that they are huge fans. You can have a great song but if no one hears it, it’s probably going to miss its moment. So it’s really all about the exposure!

Music Row Magazine 2021 Awards, Breakthrough Artist-Writer & Artist Nominee. The winners will be virtually announced on August 19th — what does it mean to receive these industry-voted nominations?

Industry-voted awards mean so much to me. Even to be nominated means that the industry is acknowledging your hard work and that’s a great feeling. When I moved to Nashville I didn’t really know anyone, so it’s awesome to see the love and support from the relationships that I’ve built over the years.

“Back Then Right Now” new music video.

You bedazzled Kodak disposable cameras filled with studio shots for fans to win and then fill them with their own memories. What memories inspired the co-write with Dave Pittenger, Mackenzie Porter, and Parker Welling?

I think we were all just at a point where the world had gotten so crazy that we all just wanted to go back to simpler times. For me, that’s back in my hometown, driving my little yellow Pontiac, and hanging out at Dairy Queen after sporting events or dance recitals. I think a lot of us would like to go back to those times every once in a while.

From being a Trending Artist On The Rise for “Give It To Me Straight” to being named one of 27 global independent artists a part of the Foundry’s Class of 2021. The Foundry is designed for artists who have a vision for their own success. Can you share what has been on your artist vision board since you first came to Nashville?

My artist vision board has been full of dreams that have actually come true, but there are still a ton of things I want to do! When I moved to Nashville I wanted to release an album, play the Grand Ole Opry, have a number 1 song, and go on tour!! All of these things have happened (which is crazy!!) and now my big dream is a headlining tour! I think I’ll always be adding and evolving my vision board.

As part of the new Foundry class of 2021, what do you hope for this year?

I’m so excited for this year. With a new album out and a new single, my hope is to get my music out to as many people as possible, and the Foundry class of 2021 is making that dream come true!

Have you been able to discover any new music/artists through the program?

I’ve listened to every artist in the program and I’m so inspired by them. Being independent is so freeing and I can’t wait to watch them all shine!










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