Megan Barker’s “Friend Like That”

”I think I needed to know that everyone else eats Taco Bell, feels insecure and is too chicken to try a hot yoga class…just like me. It’s been fun to realize I’m not alone and I loved having some of my favorite female artists in Nashville join me in the music video! It was a blast.”

Kyle Hershman (right) has engineered so many projects for me over the last 8 years. That’s his handiwork you hear on my brand new single, “Friend Like That.” It’s been pretty cool watching him go from a talented kid behind the board to the man who runs the show. (Studio 19) No one told me that one of the coolest parts of the journey is watching your friends grow up and rise to the top. It’s a longer story how I came to meet Rob Galbraith, the famed producer of some of Ronnie Milsap’s finest work. We instantly clicked. After spending some together, I hesitantly asked if he’d wanna come sit in on a studio session I had coming up. He came and loaned us some of his genius. His musical mind is special. I was also lucky enough to record my vocals with him too. The end of “Friend Like That” is my favorite part of the song and it’s because of his guidance.
Megan and Kelly McKay



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