Melanie Meriney “Sober You”

“… Sober You walks a bit more on the unrequited love side of things …”

On the heels of her official video for “Flame,” singer/songwriter Melanie Meriney is releasing her new single, “Sober You.”

You cowrote the song with Krista Angelucci and AJ Kross — does working with friends help you to express your true self in the lyrics?

I love cowriting with people I’m most comfortable with, because that’s when you get the best, most honest songs. Krista and AJ are not only two of my best friends here in Nashville, but are also extremely talented artists and writers. It’s fun to work with them because we all know our strengths and we get to weave the best of our skills into something really cool.

Listen to “Sober You”


Is it whiskey tonight, or is it something different?

What’s on your mind about the girl you’re missing?

Her eyes, her smile, her silhouette?

I let you slur, let you vent, even though I know I’ll never get


Sober, sober, sober you

No I’ll never get sober, sober, sober you

You say you’ll never be who you were

You say you’ll never get over her

So I’ll never get sober, sober, sober you

Sober you

Two-thirty again; you’re typing out that last call text

About to hit send, and I know what happens next

You come over, cry over her leaving

You don’t know, you ain’t the only one trying to let go; I’ll never get


I don’t say those words ’cause it’s not worth it

But we’d be perfect, so what hurts is

I’ll never get sober, sober, sober you

No I’ll never get sober, sober, sober you


Sober you

I’ll never get, I’ll never get

Lifeboat” and “Sober You” — using someone or allowing yourself to be used — song similarities?

Very interesting comparison! I actually didn’t even think about that, but I guess they are very similar! While Lifeboat talks more about a friends with benefits kind of situation, Sober You walks a bit more on the unrequited love side of things- she wants so badly to have the kind of love he has for the girl he lost, but knows that as long as he is in love with this other girl, she’ll never have that with him. It’s more of a “shoulder to lean on” strictly friends situation, even though the narrator wants more.

How did you choose the artwork for the new single?

This is funny actually! My parents are my two biggest supporters and I probably call them daily to talk to them about my music and vent, etc. I mentioned needing to make cover art for the single and they actually sent me the picture the next day. I immediately was like, “we probably need permission to use this”, not realizing that they had taken it themselves! I think the simplicity is nice and the color scheme really plays along with the “Flame” single-eventually, I hope to make another EP, so the fact that they seem to go together is really cool.

Do you see yourself releasing your new music as singles versus together as an album?

I think for now my focus is on the singles. I have this unending need to create new music, though, so they’re eventually going to come together in the form of a bigger project. I’m not in a rush quite yet to put a whole big thing together-I’d like to let the singles do their thing and see where they end up! I love being able to focus on one song and give it the attention it needs to be what it was meant to. However, I’ve been busy in the studio, so there’s still more to come. :)

Any upcoming duets? Heard you would love to do one with Brett Eldredge.

Anyone know him? Lol. I’d love to start doing a YouTube thing where I partner on different cover songs with other up and coming artists. Not only is that great for cross-promotion, it gives me the chance to collaborate with artists that I admire. Hopefully I can get that rolling in the near future.

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:

Storytelling, singable, danceable, country, fusion

When you’re not performing what do you like to do?

I get this question quite a bit and it’s always hard for me to answer haha! I’m a workaholic, so if I’m not performing, I’m writing, recording, networking, working on marketing, or working on booking. I eat, sleep, and breathe music and everything that I have to do to make my “business” successful. My mental health breaks include playing with my kitty, Elsie, hanging with friends, Netflix-ing, and occasionally painting.

What’s something you wished people asked you in an interview?

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation, definitely. ;)


Born in Los Angeles, raised in Pittsburgh, living in Nashville, Meriney’s music blends the sounds of three genres: urban/pop/country. Growing up, she listened to country (mom) and 80’s rock (dad). Her music career turning point came when she heard “Still the One” by Shania Twain. Her parents took the third grader to see Twain in concert, and Nashville became the dream. Songs were written (Shania inspired her very first one, “My Home Is in Your Heart”), voice lessons were taken, and guitar strings were played.

Meriney listened to the pop/metal/hip-hop sounds of the Steel City while she played for a girls’ travel AAA high school ice hockey team (the Pittsburgh Penguins still rule her skating heart). From (ice) rinks to (music) links, she attended Nashville’s Belmont University as a songwriting/English major. She also earned a master’s degree and teaching license (7–12 English).

Her debut EP, All the Good Songs, was produced by Phil Ricciardi and Mike Puwal in 2012. It drew upon her real-life experiences at first love, loss, and self-reflection. Meriney was invited to play “No Friend of Mine” from the EP on the Billy Block Show. The showcased tracks with live interviews/performances played on Nashville’s WSIX Locals Only radio. In 2013, she was nominated for a Nashville Independent Music Award (NIMA) for Best Female Country Artist.

Produced by Joshua Mendez and Michael Funk in 2017, Up in Lights, Meriney’s second EP, spotlights songs about finding yourself in life, love, and career, while reflecting on where you’ve been.

Up in Lights EP (Spotify)

Lifeboat” Video

“The song was written because I’m a huge fan of symbolism and imagery. I liked the idea of using a lifeboat to stand for a person and everything that would entail scenario-wise. It’s about using someone as an emotional crutch to avoid facing the pain of getting over another relationship. I wanted the music video to have a narrative, but not be super literal with the lyrics. We came up with the idea to do cliff-jumping because it had that water theme and really symbolized being reckless and running away from things.”

Up in Lights” Video

“‘Up in Lights’ came to me while I was driving by myself on a ten-hour road trip. I was just thinking about how a lot of the entertainment industry involves putting on a mask and fitting into a particular mold. It can be easy to get caught up in the game and forget who you are in pursuit of this dream. You don’t want to lose yourself in the process.”

Flame” Video

“‘Flame” is one of those songs that came to me because I have had experiences that are very similar to the narrator. I know a lot of people who are able to relate to not being able to let go of a love even when they have seemingly already moved on. It’s a look into the mind of someone who feels both vulnerable and hopeful, wishing she could read the mind of the person she still cares for, but careful not to wish for too much. It’s a bit of a ballad, which is risky for a single, but at the end of the day, I think “real” trumps anything upbeat for the sake of being commercial.

Meriney is a cohost of the weekly Women Crush It online show that spotlights music from female artists. Together with “Fake Girl” singer/songwriter Angelucci, the show gives a platform to female artists and writers pursuing their dreams. They know first-hand how tough the business can be — so the goal is to encourage and recognize other artists’ talents and hard work.

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