Melanie Meriney’s “Xs” — “Whether it’s memories of your first love or washing Xs off of your hands at bars, this song is all about that nostalgia of letting go and often wishing you could revisit that time in your life.”

Donna Block
2 min readSep 1, 2023


“I wrote “Xs” with Chelsea Summers back in 2019 and am finally getting to release it! It’s all about going back to that person you were back before you were all the way grown up, and remembering the good and the bad about those times. The Xs on our hands symbolized the kind of youth we were trying to break away from, while the exes we remember from back then shaped the way we thought about love. We leave it a little ambiguous since the last line of the chorus states, “some things are better left in the past, but there are some ‘xs’ you wish you could get back”. The listener can decide whether we’re talking about a person or a time in our lives.”

“X’s” Recorded by Michael Funk at Funk Studio Nashville

Melanie Meriney is a country artist based in Nashville, TN and hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. Since moving to Nashville to pursue music full time, she has shared the stage with notable acts like Little Big Town, Restless Road, & Gretchen Wilson, gleaned mentions in Country Aircheck, Music Row Magazine, & Billboard, and had videos on CMT.

Her EP Up In Lights had the lead single chart #2 on the UK Hot Disc chart, and she has since released a slew of singles with a modern country flair, detailing her take on love, life, and navigating the music business as a young artist. 2023 builds upon her repertoire with three new songs, the newest, “Xs”, reminiscing on lost love and nostalgia for fleeting youth. She hopes to release a subsequent single in October.




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