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“Miracle Of Love” Chris Tomlin’s Very Personal Connection to the First Track on His New Christmas Album

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Twenty-twenty. Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin is known for his songs of worship. However one in particular comes from a very personal place in his heart — “Miracle Of Love.” Earlier this year Tomlin and his wife, Lauren, were surprised to learn they were expecting their third child.

“I got the news today/ I heard that you were coming/ It took my breath away/ And the tears filled up my eyes/ Surely you’d change some things/ The way that I was living/ I hit my knees to pray so grateful for new life.”

Tomlin shared with the Tennessean, “(It was) coming to the heart and realization of what a miracle life is and what a miracle a baby is. And the correlation of the surprise of Jesus. I’ve got a Christmas baby coming, but the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of a baby being born, in Jesus.”

Check out a few Exclusive Behind The Scenes moments from the filming of Chris Tomlin’s K-LOVE Christmas & Chris Tomlin Present: “Christmas Songs of Worship” Special which aired on Sat, Dec 12.

Listen to “Miracle Of Love: Christmas Songs Of Worship” on Spotify.

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