Donna Block
4 min readNov 17, 2022

The Powerful Value of Mistakes Normalized by Cash Crawford

For over 20 years, Cash Crawford has been involved in the music industry as a noteworthy vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer. Growing up in a rural area of Pritchard, Canada, Crawford and her sister Sadie would sing every chance they got, even if it was walking down their driveway to the bus, or going to church on Sunday.

In 2008, Crawford participated in Canadian Idol, making it to the third round just before being televised. Next she went on to travel across Canada performing as one half of the duo Beyond the Mountain with Theo Tams. During this time, Crawford also worked as a voice actor and wrote solo music. Since moving to Nashville in 2016, she continues to hone her skills both on and off the stage.

You were releasing “Save Myself” when we last spoke. The video was shown on CMT in late summer. Can you describe how it felt to see it on the country music channel?

It was certainly wild! I think it’s definitely bizarre to see yourself on a station like CMT when it’s been something that I’ve watched since I was young. Hopefully I’ll get to see more of that!

Recharging at the ocean. Bucket list beaches?

Definitely Charleston, South Carolina. I would love to go to Key West. I’m headed to Hawaii soon and plan to explore a bunch of different islands while I’m there and I would love to go to Rio and Portofino one day.

Singing the National Anthem at a Nashville Sounds game. Do you have a favorite team?

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that I have a particular team that I root for. Or a particular sport for that matter. I mostly have acquaintances or friends that play for different teams and I kind of cheer for them personally if that makes any sense.

“I grew up singing in church, so the spiritual aspect of music is still very much a part of how I express myself personally and vocally.” Favorite church music to listen to?

I don’t really resonate with church music anymore just because my spiritual views have changed.… But I definitely have meditation music on every single morning with my tea or coffee, and have a nice slow start to each day.

Focusing on leaving behind anything that holds you back from being your most free, authentic self. Learning from your mistakes, growing, becoming more resilient. You’ve explored how failure can often lead to life’s fundamentals of success. Can you share a time when a mistake ultimately turned your life around?

I have made plenty of mistakes, and I’m sure I will continue to make them again. One mistake that I’ve made repeatedly and am slowly learning from is putting my happiness in other people’s hands. Every time I do that, I’m reminded that I have to be the creator of my own happiness and must become happy with who I am right now, no matter what that looks like at first. That’s what my previous single was all about… The constant journey of finding my own happiness and being my own happiness.

“At first, I was apprehensive about using the line ‘make some mistakes’ because I was concerned that it might be misinterpreted, but after mulling it over with my co-writer Don Miggs, he helped me see that it was a chance for us to change the stigma around the world. Mistakes are good.” What initially inspired the co-write?

Don Miggs and I have written together a few times now, and we always end up creating magic. I think the previous single was what initially inspired the next co-write, which turned out to be “Mistakes.” We ended up creating these great songs that are such therapy for me to let out… I hope we write many more in the future.

“Mistakes is a song I’m really proud of. Not only did I really get to dig in and showcase what my voice can do, but I also get to voice my opinion on cancel culture.” How else can we work together to end ‘cancel culture?’

I think coming together as a community and helping each other grow instead of casting judgment and shame on people when they do make a mistake is key. Mistakes are going to happen, and if we pick up our brothers and sisters after they fall down, help them dust themselves off, and teach, show, or encourage a better path, then we can only move forward as a human race.