“… more than anything else, I hope it inspires everyone to follow their own hearts and creative souls.” Lisa Nicole on Her New Album, Where Wild Hearts Beat

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Hailing from the mountains and nature of small-town Castlegar, British Columbia, Lisa Nicole grew up hunting, fishing, camping and embracing country music.

Timbits and ice hockey. Snowshoes and mountain peaks. Pick-up trucks and campfires. Country songs about Canada include Tim Hicks’ “Stronger Beer,” Corb Lund’s “Truck Got Stuck,” Dean Brody’s “Canadian Girls,” Paul Brandt’s “Alberta Bound,” and Gordon Lightfoot’s “Canadian Railroad Trilogy.” If you were to write a song about Canada, how would the chorus go?

Where mountains meet my soul

Where my heart wants to go
You’ll always find somebody
Who help anybody
I’ll forever love where I was raised and grown
This is home

Time with Garrett, best friends, and mom. “My life is exactly where it needs to be. I choose happiness and happiness is choosing me. Seek connection, not validation.” If you could plan a vacation anywhere in the world with family and friends, where would you be heading and why?

At this point, I’ll go just about anywhere because I’m so antsy to travel! But I’m always keen on going somewhere warm, so probably not going to Alaska. I love hiking and exploring the outdoors — so somewhere more in the mountains, and not as much city. Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, lakes and hot springs would be the perfect adventure. Maybe a cool mountain town in Switzerland. There is such a big world to explore!

Country music festivals include the Country Thunder Music Festival, Boots and Hearts, and the Calgary Stampede. Can you share a memory from attending a festival or concert that influenced your decision to pursue a music career?

There was a moment, when I was 12 years old. My mom took me to see Shania Twain’s Come On Over tour in Calgary. I already loved singing at that point and had her entire album memorized. She rolled around the stadium on a platform and held her hands out to people. I remember touching her hand and I’ll never forget how I wanted to be her at that moment and in my future.

Work hard at chasing your dreams while writing songs and finding your voice. “I think finding the work-life balance is important. Someone wise also told me about that balance of over promising and under delivering and not the reverse.” Which goals on your career vision board do you hope to achieve in the next year?

To play some great shows!! That would be biggest — I’ve been missing it so much. I’d love to get back on the road and play my new album for everyone. It’s SO much fun playing live and hearing what everyone thinks and how they feel, and dance to my music. I played a show last month and someone said “Do Your Thang” was their favorite. Those are the moments I can’t wait for!

“Count On You.” “Although I wrote this song long before the pandemic — it’s so timely for the time we’re in now as it’s about having that support from your person. Whether it’s a partner, a trusted friend, or a family member — they can light up the room and pull you through when everything else seems to be going wrong. You can count on them.” What inspired you to write this song?

At that point, I was living down in Nashville and missing my partner all the time. And reminiscing on how I’ve been able to count on him, always. He’s always there for me, for the good and bad times. He always welcomes me home with open arms. I’ve felt lucky to have someone so supportive through this career.

“Gypsy Girl.” “For me, this song embodies a free-spirited soul who lives for spontaneous adventure and the life experiences that come with that. A road trip with your bestie or a solo move to a new country. If it starts in your spirit, it’s worth pursuing, and you’ll be rewarded.” What adventures are on your bucket list?

You nailed it on the second question! TRAVEL! Although I’ve loved exploring my province the last year — I would love to travel somewhere I’ve never been! I also love dancing, so I can’t wait to not only play a music festival, but dance my hinny off to some country music!

There was a lot of smoke here during the summer — so I’ve missed out on a lot of my epic hikes I had planned. I’m looking forward to the fires settling, so I can get back in the mountains here, too!

Full-length album, Where Wild Hearts Beat. “This album represents my legacy project with all of my heart and soul put into it. Even so — more than anything else, I hope it inspires everyone to follow their own hearts and creative souls. If I’ve learned anything over the past 18 months, it’s that the very unpredictable journey of life is more important than any destination. Life changes in an instant and it’s impossible to predict the future. Make the most of every moment — musically and otherwise.” Which female singer/songwriters have most inspired your musical journey?

Shania Twain was one of my earliest influences. Miranda Lambert and Dolly Parton also — for their songwriting and singer-songwriter styles. And Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood for their songs, but also their power vocals.

Season 2, Wild Hearts podcast, includes behind the scenes of your life, music, heart, the music business, along with lifestyle and fitness tips. Abusive Men & Coping Mechanisms To Sober & Vibrant W/ My Mama Shannon Kienas. Today’s episode features my Mom, Shannon Kienas, on a deep hard conversation about her battle with an abusive man, being an alcoholic, living with chronic pain, a cancer scare, and sexual abuse, and how she’s dealt with it these hardships her whole life by abusing her body with alcohol for the last 40 years. She’s now sober and free of the man that broke her down, physically and mentally. Listen for some inspiration on how you can beat the odds too.”

What are some takeaways from your mom’s journey would you give someone on how to endure and overcome the worst of life’s hardships?

From my perspective — to never give up on that person. That’s what my song “Dear Mama” on the album is about. I wrote it a few years ago when we were in the thick of hard times… and by the time I released it, she was 1.5 years sober. I prayed many nights for that and here we are. We also had many fights over it. But I never gave up on her. I would also say it’s important to set boundaries and not let it consume your life. Although I say never give up, that person is really only going to help themselves when they’re ready. It’s sad that some never do. We’re very lucky.

Century 21 Kootenay Homes Realtor. You shared how excited you are to put the same passion you put into your music into helping others find their dream home. How did you get started in real estate?

Yes, yes!! I’m super excited about this new journey as well. I’ve been doing social media for Century 21 Kootenay Homes for 3 years, so I’ve already been immersed in it. Not only that, Tonnie (the managing broker) and Terry (REALTOR®) at Century 21 have been mentors of mine and in my band for 16 years.

I love to work. And especially when I’m passionate about something, you’ll find me working till 9PM (like I am now)! And I just love a challenging career so it was really quite a natural fit.

Oh, and any good books to recommend?

Um yes, I love reading! Here’s a few!

A Thousand Splendid Suns — Khaled Hosseini
The Kite Runner — Khaled Hosseini
A House In The Sky — Amanda Lindhout
The Nightingale — Kristin Hannah
Lone Survivor — Marcus Luttrell
The Help — Kathryn Stockett










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