“My Last Name” Emily Daniels’ New Single Was Inspired by Kelly Clarkson

Donna Block
6 min readAug 25, 2020


Nashville native Emily Daniels has the charm of the girl next door, fashion sense of a personal stylist, and the determination of an entrepreneur. Witty, honest lyrics; heartfelt, powerful, pitch-perfect melodies; and infectious, catchy arrangements all blend perfectly. It’s a little Shania Twain sass with a dash of Maddie & Tae sweetness that will leave you humming all week long. Her music is a head-turning as her signature red outfits.

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” What was the moment when you felt ready to share your music?

I never felt fully “ready,” but I think I just had to do it anyway. I’ll always be growing and evolving as a writer and artist, but I want to share where I’m at in my journey right now through my music.

‘Five O’Clock Friday’ with Sarah Jones and close to 100 covers. How have these songs/covers influenced your own songwriting?

I can’t believe we’ve done that many!! These covers have helped me figure out what I resonate with as an artist and what resonates with my followers too which is super helpful. It’s also been cool to see how it’s changed from just picking random songs to getting requests from people!