New Music From Davis Mallory — “Forever Young” — Ahead of His Signature Cologne Releasing on Valentine’s Day

MTV’s Real World 2006 alum Davis Mallory has traded TV cameras for a DJ booth and a microphone, proving that he refuses to be put in a box. With family ties in the music industry, Mallory had always established a love for music, but it wasn’t until years later that he started creating original music of his own. Mallory lived in New York City for two years, working as the Marketing Coordinator at Astralwerks Records (label home to David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Kylie Minogue). It was there that he attended a lot of DJ sets, learned to DJ at Dubspot School of Electronic Music, and began songwriting–initially writing toplines over EDM beats some producers gave him. In 2013, he left Astralwerks and moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting and begin recording his own original music.

Atlanta, Georgia native, sang in the church choir, the grandson of Christian psychiatrist and author James D. Mallory. Raised in a state with a predominantly conservative population where religion is very important. Your first solo single, “Shirtless,” played on MTV’s The Challenge. Being cast on reality shows was a big personal step — you were able to be who you truly were. If you were to give your younger self advice, what would you say?

As a sober adult — I’m coming upon my 5th anniversary of sobriety in January 2022, I would better explain to my younger self the value of sobriety. I feel like as much as my mom stressed to me not to drink or try drugs — her perspective was one of worrying and “worst case scenarios” — but I was influenced by the movies and TV shows that made it look cool. When I finally chose the sober lifestyle, I found so many rewards in sober living that I wish I could explain to my younger self.

“The great thing about Nashville is practically everyone moves here for music: your coffee shop barista, your Uber driver … everyone is a musician. And it’s a very collaborative city, where people make shirts jokingly saying “We should write together” since everyone writes songs together as a trial date.” What are some of the city’s hidden gems for new residents to help them as they settle into the city?

Songwriter rounds — where you go to hear songwriters sing their songs live to an intimate audience — and Artist Showcases — where you hear new talent sing their songs live — are great ways to network here in Music City. An example of the success of this for me — is that 2 songs I released in 2021 “Saturn’s Rings” with Dutch DJ Matisso on the label Future House Cloud and “Lifeline” with Israeli DJ/producer Allouche were both written with a talented songwriter Damian Malnar (lead singer of pop band Lost Stars) who I met at a Pop Music Artist Showcase. Another thing I put high value in Nashville is the amazing Churches and community of believers that live here. Through my time living in Nashville, I’ve gotten involved with Zeal Church, Crosspoint & Nashville Life Church. Finally, Tennessee has beautiful nature — waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and state parks — I’ve really enjoyed getting outside going fishing, rafting, and hiking throughout this beautiful state.

“I guess if I had to describe myself, I would say I’m a pop singer-songwriter. My influences blend with country, being based in Nashville for a long time and raised in Georgia, but I gravitate towards EDM music. I like Shawn Mendes and John Mayer style music, but then Calvin Harris style productions. Even Prince has a big influence on my music at times, with a Pop-Rock Synth Pop space.” How does EDM music allow you to best express yourself?

I love dancing and going to EDM concerts. I love the creative productions within the dance music genre. Remixes of popular songs are often my favorite versions. When I first moved to Nashville — I stereotypically wrote a lot of country songs — while simultaneously listening to a lot of dance and pop music.

I reached out to DJs to see if they would want to remix or reproduce any of these country demos songs and my first success with this was with Swedish DJ John Dahlback who remixed my song “Anyone Would Know.” This was my first song ever to be signed to a record label too — being signed to Armin van Buuren’s label Armada. This began my sound and journey into creating dance music. I’ve since spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm & Berlin as well as focused in Nashville and some trips out to LA writing and recording pop and dance music — a lot of the songs on my latest album Little Victory are from these journeys.

“Lifeline,” “I’m very passionate about the topic of mental health. As the grandson of a psychiatrist, I do, in some ways, feel a call to help and minister to others through my music. The song ‘Lifeline’ specifically ends with a list of national resources for those battling addictions, depression, or people who may have been witness to or victims of human trafficking.” Writing the song with Damian Malnar, lead singer of the Nashville pop band Lost Stars, did something specific inspire this co-write?

I don’t recall exactly how “Lifeline” spawned; however, it was the first time Damian Malnar and I ever wrote a song together. As Damian and I are both Christians — the calling to write a song about something meaningful organically came about — and as we developed this, I knew we had written something that could be used to help others.

Throughout time I eventually met Israeli DJ Allouche who heard our songwriting demo and put the beautiful Tropical House music around the song — then in 2021 I met Dmitry Zhitov, a Russian award winning filmmaker, who wanted to work with me on a music video with a song of mine that would help other people with addictions or were struggling in life’s hardships — I had the perfect song for his vision and together we shot the video in Miami.

“Heavy,” focuses on how relationships impact our mental health and was co-written with Nashville-based LGBTQ rappers Daisha McBride and Blake Lieder. Country singer Brett Eldredge shared a poem recently about his own struggles, “I woke up feeling less than myself/ tried writing down all the words but it didn’t help/ I walked along the bridge through the park at the commons/ Still hurt held its grip much more than I wanted/ I tried to escape every way that I could/ Then I realized that feeling this way could be good/ For how could I know the feeling of bliss/ If life was all smiles and love without risk/ So Today I’ll soak in all of this pain/ The more that I feel/ The more that I gain.” What are the biggest challenges facing mental health advocacy programs today?

I can’t really answer this question as I do not work for a Mental Health Advocacy program, but if you asked me what the biggest issue is facing Mental Health — I would answer loneliness. The feeling of being alone — is the biggest issue people face with Mental Health — people’s addictions flare up in their loneliness — and by not having the right people or community around them to help them face their issues — be it overcoming addictions, facing depression, experiences with human trafficking, bullying and other dangerous situations — people feel alone and helpless stuck in their situations.

“I make music to leave a legacy behind when I die. The music will live on after me, and I desire to make beautiful music as my life’s legacy.” Nashville based Music Health Alliance raises awareness and support for those who make a living in the music industry. Personally reaching the five years sober milestone. Which songs have had the most impact on your life and career?

Throughout my career it has always been the songs with a positive message that I have been most proud of — and often these songs gain some of my best achievements — for example my song “Not That Far Away” (a faith-based song about heaven being “not that far away”) off my first album Loud began receiving heavy retail radio support — my mom called me excited one day when she heard it playing. It earned me the most off that album and it was an encouragement for me to keep writing positive music. Then the song “Lost” (about trusting that God has your life in control and that you are not lost) which I released with Peruvian DJ Aaron Marz — the music video made DJ Magazine’s Top Music videos in 2017.

On my latest album Little Victory, the song “Faith” — co-written with and featuring the vocals of American Idol contestant Madeline Finn — (about the pandemic and encouraging people to not lose their faith in hard times) — was added to two of Pandora’s popular Christian radio stations which I was really proud of to receive that support.

My song “Believe” (Stream/Download — (another positive message anthem) with Russian DJ Going Deeper was added to Spotify’s 2 Million follower playlist, Mint EDM, and my own previous employer Astralwerks Records (where I spent two years in their marketing department) added it to their label playlist — a touching moment for me to receive this type of artist validation from a label I had dreamt of one day being signed to.

A new single I released this winter titled “Tell Me Why You Made Me” which explores the reason why we are here on earth — I feel like I’m on the right path with writing music about my Faith, Spirituality and songs meant to help others :)

What projects are you working on for release in 2022?

January 7 I will release “Forever Young” on Soave Records.

The label’s press release:

Davis Mallory blends country and dance on Forever Young

Known for his silky smooth voice and playful spirit, Davis Mallory has been connecting with fans on a profound level since his first release in 2017. As his latest Soave release — ‘Without You I Feel Good’ — reaches the 1-million stream milestone, Mallory prepares a special one for his solo debut on the label. The young Atlantan combines the high-spirited sounds of country with a modern pop touch to bring us a dance record that’s sure to kick the new year off right. Produced by Frenchman Retrovision, this is a song that truly makes us feel forever young, and as the title suggests, we can only recommend you give it a few spins to keep those youthful spirits alive!

I have released 2 songs on Soave so far “Ain’t Gonna Happen” with DJ Glaceo and Without You I Feel Good” with DJ Nexeri. “Forever Young” marks my first song ever to be signed to a record label with myself as a solo artist (No DJs).

Also on January 7, DJ Honey Gee will release the song “Let Love Rain Down” featuring myself and female vocalist Luma. It’s a beauty!

January 14th I will release a song titled “James Bond” that I wrote about the difficulty of long distance dating — paired with a music video filmed in Las Vegas!

January 20th I will release a song called “Runaway for A Day” with German DJ Aaron Lindt accompanied by a road-trip music video filmed in Sedona, Arizona, the Grand Canyon and Page, Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend with actress and friend Tara Hayes.

On February 4 I will release “It Took Work” on Soave Records with Swiss DJ Fenox. I wrote this song in Los Angeles about the hard work it takes to achieve any dream — specifically the career I’ve made in music.

For Valentine’s Day 2022 I’m dropping a single “Cologne” to launch my own cologne brand, with a sexy music video :)

Several of these singles are in mind for my third album titled Back to the 80s— a collection of 80s influenced songs :)






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