Rob Mayes — New Lyric Video for “Length of a Song”, New Lifetime Movie “The Christmas Edition”, New Single “Regular Guy”, & Kūčios

Rob Mayes is an actor (including roles in “Mistresses” and “John Dies at the End”) and a country artist/songwriter (“Road With No Lines”, “My Heart is Bleeding”, “Closer”).

“Make It Up As We Go” podcast. ‘It’s a first-of-its-kind blockbuster musical podcast, written by David Hudgins. In each of the seven episodes, Charlotte, an aspiring female songwriter, is navigating writer rooms in Nashville as she finds her own voice along the way.’ Executive producer Miranda Lambert said this is “an authentic story that shows the challenges female singer-songwriters face within the industry.” How do you see the industry evolving to improve the working environment for female writers?

Well for starters, major kudos to Leslie Fram and CMT for instituting Equal Play. It’s about damn time. You can read more here:

We all have a voice, so let’s let our voices be heard. And props to Scarlett Burke (creator and director of “Make It Up As We Go”) for creating such a great story and for having the vision to deliver it by way of a podcast. Oh — and for casting me.

Upcoming Lifetime movie “Christmas Edition” with Carly Hughes and Marie Osmond. An unemployed reporter has the opportunity to take over a small town Alaskan newspaper. She does save the publication with a series of Christmas articles before she is pitted against a former boss. On first read, what was the deciding factor for you to take the role?

FUN. I’ll tell ya — I have such a good time making these Christmas movies. And there’s always a strong message to them. The folks I get to work with are like family. I’ve been fortunate to be reunited with my director Peter Sullivan for three movies now, and my co-stars have been an absolute dream. Tia Mowry is amazing. Marla Sokoloff and I could not have had more fun together. Carly Hughes is unreal. I’m so blessed that Lifetime and the team over at Hybrid have had me back three years in a row, making a new Christmas movie every year. We filmed in the height of summer, in 90-degree heat, wearing actual winter clothes, using fake snow since real snow would melt. Did I mention we shoot in the height of summer? Whatever they decide to make next, if I get to be lucky enough to be part of it, I’ll be there — in a (very sweaty) heartbeat. Tune in Nov. 15 on Lifetime. I’m reunited with Marie Osmond for our second movie together! “Christmas Edition” is going to be a good one!! I can promise you that!

How difficult is it to balance filming roles around your music releases, and, vice versa, doing promotion of your music releases around a filming schedule?

Ha! It certainly doesn’t lend itself to getting MORE rest than you otherwise might get. It’s a lot to juggle, truthfully. You have to be able to find the time, to carve out the time, and to MAKE the time. But when it’s what you love to do and when folks respond to what I’m putting out, it makes it all the more worthwhile. What’s some lost sleep, if a movie or a song can make a difference in someone’s life? Based on the messages I get: they do.

To date, what was the most challenging role you’ve played in a television show or movie? What made the role challenging?

Lots of roles have their challenges, whether it’s working in the heat, working in frigid weather in outdoor water tanks in South Africa or in the subway tunnels of New York City, or the remote islands in the South China Sea off the coast of Malaysia with typhoons approaching, working with dialogue-heavy material, or compact shooting schedules and long days, and, sometimes, difficult people to work with, in the end, it’s all worth it.

I gotta say though, I think my most challenging role was in the true-story Navy film, “Burning Blue”, playing Matthew Blackwood. I portrayed someone real — a real person who walked this earth and who had a major impact on our director, DMW Greer, and changed his life. That’s a lot of pressure — to do justice to not only a dynamic character, but one who actually existed. A real person. That was daunting. And all the more because I didn’t want to imbue the role, or my conveyance of, with tricks and affectations. I wanted to be as raw as possible, and let the story just exist within me. I’m so very glad I did. But it wasn’t a walk in the park, emotionally for me, so to speak, to be that raw.

“Length of a Song” lyric video for the song you co-wrote with Heath Owen. Falling out of (with the hope of possibly back in) love over the length of a song. How do you choose images to match with the lyrics?

I love the Old West and the themes of justice and redemption — that existed in spades back then. It was an era of accountability and hope. So I figured why not pair a modern-Neon-vibe with that classic backdrop. It’s not a new story, but I like to think that the enmeshing of the two is — or at least refreshing to see. And neon just lures me in, no matter what they’re sellin’ — actually, here — I’ll shut up — you can see for yourself.

Will you be releasing more new music this year?

I’ve got 3 more songs coming this year, but first up: I’ve got a new song, “Regular Guy”, coming out Nov. 20. It’s a personal one. And one that means a lot to me. I love co-writes. But this one I wrote alone. You can pre-save it.

Read that it is actually the Saturday New York Times puzzle that is the hardest. What tips can you share to help solve the puzzles?

Is that so? Well then. My tip: certainly stay away from those.

With the holidays approaching, what are some of your favorite family recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I LOVE stuffing and wine, but not turkey..I’ll fall asleep, what can I say? My family’s Lithuanian-based Kūčios. We celebrate every Christmas Eve with raw fish — smoked fish — but because some smoked fish can taste, well, iff-y, we usually just have sushi and crab legs. Sushi and crab legs have nothing to do with Kūčios. But they’re delicious. And alas, here we are, year after year. Pass the wasabi?




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