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Rob Mayes Releases New EP “Songs from the Sofa: A Quarantine Project”

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Photo Credit: Payton Ruddock

Rob Mayes is an American actor and country artist/songwriter best known for his role in the ABC hit-series “Mistresses” and the Sundance cult-classic “John Dies at the End.”

Mayes has released several singles over the course of 2019 and early 2020 including “Road With No Lines”, “My Heart is Bleeding” along with his debut single, “Closer.”

When the pandemic began in March, you became sick after a trip home from Nashville. How are you (and your buddy Brad) doing now?

I have to say, I dont know anyone who didn’t get sick in some form or fashion this year. But, we are great, thanks!

You released “Didn’t Do This on My Own” and came up with “Stagecouch” after the Stagecoach Festival was postponed in April.

Forbes recognized your work organizing CouchSongs, in partnership with Destination Country, that allowed artists to be supported through donations. How can fans best continue to support their favorite artists?

I hope to do more virtual festivals! And by streaming, fans can continue to support. Make sure to stream, save, share, and follow — it really goes a long way. You can also tune in for upcoming live streams. Not only will you be supporting songwriters and artists, but you may just find that you enjoy yourself all the while! I wrote “Didn’t Do This On My Own” with the great Earl Bud Lee (“Friends In Low Places”) and I couldn’t be more proud of that song, what we did together, and what I held on for tooth-and-nail. I’m damn glad I did. Give it a listen.

Amazon’s “A Soldier’s Revenge” is a movie about the Civil War and post-traumatic stress disorder. You were nominated for Best Actor at the Wild Bunch Film Festival in Arizona. How did you get started in acting?

That’s a long answer — I’ve been acting since I was a kid and started my professional career after college. One thing led to another and, well, here we are. I have much, much gratitude to my teachers Karen Clark and Carol Pribble for fostering my artistry growing up. I couldn’t be prouder to have just won my first award for Best Actor at the Wild Bunch Film Festival for my portrayal of Major Briggs in “A Soldier’s Revenge,” in which I star with Val Kilmer.

Putting together the “Songs From the Sofa: A Quarantine Project,” the 3rd Edition includes “Marshall’s Sticker” and, lastly, “Marvelous Life”. What message do you hope fans take away from the songs?

I hope they take away unbridled truth as well as reflection.

International Songwriting Competition winning song “We’ll See” was inspired by a famous fable that you said, “seems more timely than ever right about now.” What other writings have helped you through this most uncertain time?

I just re-read Orwell’s “1984”. I also picked up Dostoevsky’s “Crime & Punishment” but found it a bit too drab for the current climate. So, in literature’s place, right now, I enjoy memes!

In regard to working out, besides F45 Training and Bowflex, how have you been able to stay motivated and in shape?

Ha! Ain’t that the golden question? Gyms are closed, and we can’t work out like we usually do. I’ve been running and doing what I can. I don’t look or feel like I did pre-lockdown, that’s for sure, but you have to do what you can!

Being your own music team and scrolling apps. What advice would you give an up-and-coming artist finding themself in a similar situation?

For new artists: just go do it. Don’t ask permission and don’t wait for a green light. Make your own green light. Give yourself the permission you have been waiting for, otherwise, it will surely pass you by. This ain’t for the faint of heart.

iHeartRadio’s “Make It Up As We Go” tells the story of “how a song comes to fruition ultimately rendering a HIT”. Can you describe what it was like working on the Miranda Lambert produced series with other artists like Dennis Quaid, Billy Bob Thornton, Lindsay Ell, and Bobby Bones?

It was a joy! I’m proud to be a part of a ground-breaking new show that bends a medium and enmeshes it with some good ol’ fashioned radio nostalgia. Simply “listening” is an art form we as a society have indeed lost. It’s worth cultivating again.

You traveled during the pandemic to Zion National Park. How does getting out in nature inspire a songwriter?

Nature is everything. To exist and be in the unadulterated biosphere away from WiFi, cell towers, concrete, and traffic is healing. The sound of wildlife, the sound of wind through trees, and sunlight and vitamin D — it’s all real, powerful stuff.

You have a Lifetime movie set in Utah with Marie Osmond and Carly Hughes coming out on November 15. What was it like filming The Christmas Edition during the pandemic?

It was fantastic — we had a great crew and a great cast. I got to reunite with my crew as well as with my director Peter Sullivan for the third time. This is my second movie with the wonderful Marie Osmond and my first and hopefully not last with the amazing Carly Hughes. Tune in — this one promises to be special.

Can you share some of your upcoming projects for fans?

I’m off to Colorado to work on a new project this week. My next single “Lonesome for Home”, which I wrote with the great Wood Newton, who’s also a mentor and good friend, comes out on October 23. I’ve also got at least a dozen new tunes coming — stay tuned.





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