Saints Eleven “Love in Hell”

One side rock. One side country.

Saints Eleven’s style and sound comes from each band member’s influences. Everybody plays their instrument in the vein of the music they grew up listening to. “Truth is we’re just four rock and roll guys out of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex playing country music.” -Jeff Grossman

Which rock and roll albums were each of your favorites growing up?

Jeff Grossman — Frontman: Led Zeppelin would probably be on the top of my list, out of many. When I first listened to my first full Zeppelin album, Led Zeppelin 3, I was blown away. I never heard anything like it….I thought, this incredible, especially for “older music”. I didn’t know, I was a kid. The sound was great, the arrangements were great. Didn’t take me long to grab my lawn mowing money and go out and by more Zeppelin albums.

Steel player, Haystack Novack, was big Rolling Stones guy. Both bass player, Travis Udall and drummer, Alex Shepherd, were big Beatles fans growing up.

Texas Country Music Awards 2019 Band of the Year. Can you describe how it felt to earn the honor?

Shocked honestly. It was definitely an honor just to be nominated. After seeing who we were up against, I didn’t expect to hear our named called out. I don’t give ourselves enough credit a lot of times, but it was a proud moment for us and our fans.

Which ‘red dirt country’ artists have most influenced your music?

Not really a particular artist per se, but just the whole Texas Country/Red Dirt movement itself has been really inspiring. We’re really able to write and play whatever we want without anybody really telling us what to write and play. I mean, it is its own genre of music. Look at all the great Texas/Red Dirt artist we wouldn’t have without it!

Read you try not to play the same places too often. Which venues in Dallas and around the state are your favorites to play at?

Yes, I really believe you can over saturate yourself in a market if you aren’t careful. I think our top 3 Texas venues would be Del Norte in Godley, TX., The Rustic Tap in Austin, and Charley B’s in Lubbock. We do several out of state shows too that we love.

Is Buck Owens’s “Crying Time” your favorite song to cover?

It’s definitely one of them. We do a version of “Delta Dawn” too that was on our “I Told You” record.

The band’s proudest career moment to date?

For me, it’s watching us grow and evolve. I think we get better on every album, every show. Our fan base is steadily growing….

but as far as a moment, I think it’s when we had legendary Texas Country artist, Walt Wilkins, produce our last album.

What topic was the hardest to write about from a personal perspective?

Probably “Love in Hell”. I mean I’m pretty sure all relationships go through hard times. I know everyone of them that I’ve ever been has, of course that may say something about me, but…I’m not a “let’s talk about our feelings” kind of person. I’ll write about it. People relate to it though!

Recording for an album — how hard is it to bring a live show’s energy and rich instrumentation to the studio?

Not too hard for us really. I’ve written several songs that I thought were good, and they are, just not good for us. I’ll bring a new song to rehearsal and after a few times of going over, and it doesn’t gel or I can’t get into it, I trash it. I can’t write, play, record, etc. music that doesn’t make me want to play that song.

Who designed the artwork for “This Town”, the upcoming release?

Artwork was designed by A.J. Neves.

How did fans help you choose “Love in Hell” as the first single from “This Town”?

We asked fans to sign up for our email list and in return, we sent them two new tracks off the new record and let them choose which one they liked best. The cool thing is, it was very close call….we just wanted to interact with the fans. After all, they are the ones coming to shows and streaming the music!

What can we expect to see in the music video?

This video will be our first “story line” video. Director Drake Howard out of Austin Texas, came up with a really cool split screen story line that really worked out. We can’t wait for y’all to see it!

Actors — Kelsey Pribilski & Zack Scott, Producer- Ima Gene Loop, Photography- Taylor Camarot, Editor- Drake Howard, Gaffer- Peter Klemek, Catering- Taylor Diaz, Production Assistant- Melanie Schanke and Art Production Assistant Sarah Aguilar…..Special thanks to Aduro Studios & Film in Austin Texas!

Music heals. What role can artists play with everything that is currently happening in the world today?

Funny, I was just thinking about that recently. Music is certain to change a mood I think….I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around all this that’s going on. With venues and festivals shutting down, it’s going to get hard for the entertainment folks….we just need to take care of each other, stay positive and kind, and hope for the best!


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