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Very few young music artists can boast of seeing their careers kick off with a performance at Carnegie Hall but such is the case for country music recording artist Sara Collins. The Louisiana teenager was invited to take the legendary stage as part of the Honors Performance Series and she has since gone on to perform throughout her home state in venues such as the Texas Club, the Old South Jamboree and in Nashville at the Opry Mills Mall as well as the iconic Puckett’s Grocery in Leiper’s Fork, TN.

How has your family inspired your music?

My family has always been such an inspiration to my music with all the support they give me. They are always there for me, not only in music. They are the greatest roadies in the whole world.

The singer is an alumnus of “Louisiana Kids”, which provides live entertainment for fairs and festivals throughout the state of Louisiana.

Memories from being in “Louisiana Kids” and traveling to entertain at fairs and festivals throughout your home state?

Being in “Louisiana Kids” helped me grow so much as an artist. Getting to sing at festivals in Louisiana was helpful in learning how to entertain. It was such a fun experience and I’ll treasure that time in my life forever.

Collins is also an alumnus at PCG Nashville, an artist development program headed up by long-time music industry veteran, Bernard Porter.

How did being a part of PCG Nashville’s artist development program inspire your career?

PCG Nashville taught me so much about the music business. The biggest inspiration I got from PCG was in the co-writing sessions. I was 14 when I went through the program, so they really taught me how to write songs.

What’s the backstory for “Ghost”?

Ghost” was a song that started out when my co-writer, Tom Pino, and I were talking about ghosting someone on social media. We put that idea into a couple’s relationship and got the song “Ghost”. It was such a fun song to write especially with the Ghostbusters reference in the bridge.

How did producer Larry Beaird choose the musicians for the track?

We go through the process of instruments in our production meeting process, we leave it to Larry to bring in the musicians. He never brings anything but the best.. so it is his choice, absolute total trust.

How did you conceptualize the storyboard for the video with director Nate Wiles?

Nate and I had two different meetings to talk about the storyboard, one of which was at my house where a lot of the video was filmed. We talked and drew it out and came up with what I think is a really cool video. Nate had some really cool ideas for the video like turning Jonathan into a ghost.

Fun facts from the filming?

Most of the video was shot at Market Square in Knoxville and my house. We shot the entire video in one day.

Watch “Ghost” video

Favorite venues in Nashville?

The Listening Room Cafe, Tootsie’s, and Ole Red!

Favorite songs to cover?

Folsom Prison Blues” is my all time favorite song to cover. The Stapleton’s version of “You Are My Sunshine” is a new favorite that we just recently started doing.

Listen to Collins cover “You Are My Sunshine”

Best coffee in Nashville?

Frothy Monkey

What do you like to do in your off-time at home and on the road?

In my off-time I’m usually songwriting or spending time outside, whether it be boating, hiking, or going on an adventure.

What’s ahead in 2020?

Something really big is ahead in 2020! I cannot wait to be able to share this with everyone. Also a lot more songwriting and hopefully some song releases!

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