Sarah Ryder’s “Woman” Video Showcases Real Life Women on the Frontline

Authentically witty, effortlessly sensual, and distinctively unique, singer-songwriter Sarah Ryder is a refreshing blend of original artistry with an undeniable mainstream appeal. Her latest, “Woman”, is for all the SHEroes in our lives.

The lyrics in “Woman” were inspired by women in your own life. How did these women react when they each first heard the song?

A lot told me they cried! It definitely resonated with the women who have heard it so far.

Best wine to drink while listening to the song and others on your Spotify #Woman playlist?

I have been into Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon lately!

Saw you wrote that some of the songs on the playlist are by women who inspire you. Is there one song you find yourself going to most during these difficult times?

I keep going back to Sheryl Crow’s Threads album, the entire package is a good feeling and I can’t get enough!

Read you had completed half of the music video for “Woman” before having to shut down production. How did you come up with the idea to put together a different video, one that would showcase real life women who are on the frontlines, to release during the pandemic quarantine?

We wanted to put something positive together that created togetherness amongst people (women and those who love them especially). It just seemed like the right time to put some good vibes out there!

You recorded a performance of the song for Musicians On Call, an organization that believes that the healing power of music. How does the organization help hospitalized patients during the pandemic?

Musicians On Call is a wonderful organization! Their main goal is to create positivity and bring smiles to those who need it who are hospitalized. It was an honor to get to be a part of what they do!

Doing online shows to help other musicians and music industry workers in need, like the show with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. What other ways can fans offer support for artists?

I think if fans stay tuned in with their favorite artists, the opportunities to continue to help musicians will continue! It has been a really tough time for so many to be out of work and any little bit counts. Seeing people come together to support one another has been amazing!

Earlier this year you said you hope this year brings you “a clear mind for decision making, an open heart to people, and to be the most honest I have ever been with myself”. How have you taken care of yourself while in quarantine?

During quarantine I have tried to maintain healthy habits (and hey, my doc says the wine is healthy haha!). I get out for a walk every day, attempt to plan my days as best I can, and I write in a gratitude journal daily too. I am a productivity driven person and it’s been a struggle for me to be forced to chill out a little bit. For me the go go go lifestyle equates with progress, so this time has taught me to think outside the box and go easy on myself. And like so many others, downtime means “thinking time” which can be uncomfortable, but I think that growth will come from looking inward.

What message do you have for other women, whether alone or with family, as we all try to figure out what our new ‘normal’ will need to be, post pandemic?

Women thrive in so many situations. Women adapt and change, they nurture and care, and they are strong. My message would be to keep your head held high and you got this, girl!

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