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Scooter Brown Band’s New Release “Leave It To A Woman”

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After four years and three months, two tours overseas with one tour of combat in Iraq as a United States Marine, Scooter Brown traded his guns in for guitars and hit the road. The Scooter Brown Band was formed and began playing mainly in and around Houston, Texas, 15 years ago.

What music did you listen to while you were deployed with the Marines?

I’ve always listened to a bit of everything. Charlie Daniels, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, Led Zeppelin , BB King, Sam Cooke, Korn

What was the first song you wrote while in the military?

I honestly don’t remember. The first real song I wrote that people liked was called, “I’m In Love With You”. (It was a hit on MySpace. haha)

You started Base Camp 40 to provide brotherhood and support to veterans. It gives back to veterans via the “Gift Of The Wild”. Can you share how these outdoor adventures help veterans?

The idea with BC40 was to provide outdoor experiences to combat veterans as a form of therapy and decompression. The woods and mountains are where I recharge my battery, where I find my peace. Hunting, fishing or just spending time in the outdoors provides that connection to clear the mind and focus on the important things.

What influenced the forming of the Scooter Brown Band?

Learned how to play guitar in the Marine Corps and fell in love with it. I had plans to retire from the service after 20 years but when my first enlistment was up, I made a last minute decision to get out to pursue music. I knew nothing about the business, had never been in a band or knew anyone who was doing it. I just knew I wanted to try. 15 years later, here we are!

Does having only the band members play throughout the recording process make it easier to recreate a live show in the studio?


Modern Southern rock. What are some of the “essential albums” new fans to the genre should listen to?

Whiskey Myers is a MUST! Blackberry Smoke… Of course if you’re just starting to get into Southern Rock, you have to start with Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws… The good stuff.

How has your sound evolved from the release of “American Son” to your latest, “Leave It To A Woman”?

We’ve always evolved over every album. I don’t know if it’s because I’m musically confused, but I’m always wanting to try something different or I’m in the mood for something different. I feel us going back towards more traditional Country Music sounds. I’ve been writing a lot of those and I truly love country music. So you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of that coming from SBB this year.

From first listen, “Leave It To A Woman” gently pulls on your heartstrings as you imagine him tapping her shoulder before a tender embrace.

What message do you want fans to take away from the new single, co-written with Daniel Kleindienst and Lydia Dall?


I just hope it makes them smile.

Debuting on the Grand Ole Opry. The band was introduced by member Charlie Daniels (who was featured on the title track of “American Son”) at your debut appearance last July. Can you describe what it was like to step into the circle for the first time?

The best way I can describe it, was the same feeling I felt when my drill instructor handed me an Eagle Globe & Anchor and called me a “Marine,” for the first time. It was special. After all the years out on the road doing this for a living, we were accepted into the Country Music Family. There is no bigger stage in Country Music than the Grand Ole Opry!

Quarantine life. How have you taken care of yourself and your family during the pandemic?

At first, I cussed it every day. I have now taken the approach of keeping it simple and counting my blessings. I haven’t had this much time off from the road, ever. I’m getting to spend a lot of quality time with my wife and kids. I hope that when we get back to normal, that we don’t forget to slow down every now and again. It’s good for the soul.

Any workouts to share with fans needing to exercise at home?

Not gonna lie… I haven’t been working out a lot. Honestly, the gyms being closed have been one of the harder things for me to reconcile. I LOVE going to the gym. I don’t love working out in my garage next to the garbage.

Saw you have the Official Scooter Brown Band Fans Page on Facebook. Members only acoustic shows. What else can fans expect to see on the page?

The official fan page is great because we get a lot more personal in there. It’s a place for people who just want to enjoy music. No political talk, just music. As entertainers, it’s our job to be a getaway for people from all that. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciate all of the support from that page.

Saw your post that the band’s Fan Army won at the 2020 Rocky Mountain County Music Awards in April. How have you been able to stay connected with fans while we all stay-at-home?

Yes! So proud of that award. I am such a fan of the fans. I’ve noticed that not only us but a lot of artists have used this opportunity to connect more with the fans. I think it’s great to have the technology to be able to do so.

Protecting the Earth. Staying grounded. How has the coronavirus pandemic affected climate change?

I am a big supporter of taking care of our planet and trying to be the best we can at keeping her clean and happy. Grounding, the idea that Earth is medicine, is a belief of mine. Many of us go days if not weeks without actually touching our skin to a piece of the Earth. We are disconnected by rubber and concrete. The Earth gives off a healing energy that is important to harness. I can’t really speak as far as climate change is concerned but the less we are out, not using natural resources the better the skyline.

Song writing. “have a bonfire in the backyard and look up at the stars The world is at a standstill but life don’t have to stop It’s a good time for loving what you got” — you shared lyrics from a song you co-wrote with Alex Dooley and Daniel Kleindienst. What positives have you experienced during the quarantine?

For myself, it’s been self reflection, time with my family, doing things around the house I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t. I started a small garden out of repurposed buckets and ice chests. I’ve spent time out in the woods, walking trails and on horseback. And I’ve definitely had a few good bonfire nights just looking up at the stars!

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