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Sharpe Family Singers Release Christmas Album Including Two Original Songs

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Broadway performers and producers Ron and Barbara Sharpe first met onstage in the original Broadway production of Les Miserables, where they played the romantic lead roles of Marius and Cosette. After being married onstage over 1000 times, they decided to get married and start a family for real.

Now — years later with two grown children, a pair of twins, and three “adopted” family members (the boyfriend, the best friend, and the lovable uncle), the Sharpe Family Singers bring their love affair with Broadway to stages across America with a family-friendly, Broadway revue called “Married to Broadway.” Seasonally, The Sharpe Family Singers perform a BROADWAY HOLIDAY show.

You met starring as Cosette and Marius in Les Miserables on Broadway. What are some of your favorite memories from shows you each performed in?

That’s a great question!

We would have to say performing in front of a live audience is always such a thrill! It was magical when we first met and performed onstage. It’s a great feeling to take the audience on an emotional journey and to hear the audience laugh or cry while onstage. Many of our personal favorite memories come from when things didn’t go perfectly as planned. Barbra’s first night in Les Miserables and her microphone didn’t work, there were many falls and costume malfunction on stage. When you have more than 7,000 individual performances on Broadway a lot can go wrong!

What has been the most challenging aspect of working behind the scenes while continuing as performers?

You definitely gain a new appreciation for all aspect of the creative process when you are putting together a video. From the idea, to filming, lighting, sound, editing, and distributing each video requires a lot of hard work! We have posted over 200 videos and no two are alike. Put this all together with coordinating six peoples schedules for each video and it is amazing how anything gets done! I do think social media influencers work harder than most people realize!

Can you share more about each of the Sharpe Family Singers member?

Dad Ron is your typical silly father who always is trying to make everyone laugh! He also loves to play basketball .

Mom Barbra is definitely the groups referee that everyone listens too. She is also the board game enthusiast that gets us all playing games together!

Logan is laid back and just goes with the flow most of the time. Logan is an amazing basketball player.

The older identical twin by 28 seconds Aidan loves to sing around the house and has an amazing voice with a cool vibrato. Aidan loves to play football and xbox

Connor has an amazing voice and a very good artist who loves to share his creative ideas while we are making a video. Connor loves to play football and xbox.

Samantha is the force behind everything we do as she creates and edits every video we put online. Samantha has perfect pitch and nothing gets by her when we put together a video! For Samantha there is no other joy that even comes close to her singing and performing.

TikTok. Instagram. How do you come up with ideas for original video content?

We have family meetings, and all of us have come up with different ideas for our videos. Most of the ideas come from Samantha, Logan, and Barbra. Ron and the twins always add their acting ideas during the filming of the video. Most videos require a musical rehearsal, and Samantha and Ron usually teach the vocal parts. You never know what will go viral and it seems the more simple the idea the better it does!

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@ your friends to get this song stuck in their head!!! It’s A Small World” is definitely an earworm. What are some of your family’s favorite Disney songs?

We love all Disney songs! Going around the table here are our flavors of the moment!

Let it Go” from Frozen, “I See the Light” from Tangled, “Remember Me” from Coco, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Lion King, “Reflection” from Mulan, “You’re Welcome” from Moana!

How do you keep each family member actively involved in the social media process, from ideas to finished products?

Ha Ha, It is not easy at times. We debate often, and we always say the best idea wins! Some videos are simple and other ideas take a long time to work out! Normally if you have “the solo” in the video you have a little more say.

Daughter Samantha and mom Barbra are the leads in quality control and nothing gets past them! Son Logan is the truth detective who will let us know if he thinks the song will work or not. Dad Ron always wants to sing songs that are from the past that none of us have every heard of. The twins are so creative and often they will be singing a song around the house that they have heard on TikTok, and we will find a way to create a video from what they are singing! The younger family members know what is trending musically!

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As the pandemic continues to impact schools, what advice can you share for parents looking for ways to continue their children’s music education?

It has been a tough time for everyone. Thankfully, there are so many musical teachers out there, working with students virtually. The technology is catching up with the times, and giving everyone the ability to virtually perform in real time with each other. There are so many amazing videos on YouTube and other platforms that can give you lessons and knowledge to work on your skills. Hopefully we will be able to have group lessons in person soon!

Putting out a Christmas album, including two original songs. What are the backstories for “Christmas Time is Here” and “Awaken The Spirit of Christmas”?

Both of these songs are beautiful! When we first began working on the album there were several original songs that were introduced to us.

Awaken the Spirit of Christmas is a powerful and beautiful song that needed big voices from both the soloist and the chorus. Samantha does an amazing job telling the story of how we all can remember Christmas from our childhood and share the good tidings and magic with your family. This song was so fun to sing and challenged everyone in the family. The song was arranged for us with original lyrics by legendary song writer Sandy Linzer and Edward B. Kessel.

The song Christmas Time is Here was brought to us from amazing songwriters from across the pond! James Fox and Mads Hauge from the UK, with addition material from David Rosenthal who has been Billy Joel’s keyboard player and musical director for over 25 years. Logan took the lead on this one, and we had so much fun recording it. We really hope we have a future hit with this song as it is a celebration of the Christmas holiday.

The rest of the arrangements on the album are Christmas classics that are fun and exciting. Each song arrangement is unique and created in a way that fits our family perfectly!

How did you choose the other songs for the album?

That was easy! Everyone got to pick one song each. Whatever song that family member picked they would be featured on it. Problem is we have so many favorite Christmas songs that it was hard just picking one each. There are so many more songs we want to sing. Oh well, guess we’ll have to record a Christmas album every year!

Christmas traditions, including the getting the new Hess Toy Truck. What are some of your other family holiday traditions?

We have a large extended family and Christmas is always a fun time! We play a lot of games and we have also set up a karaoke stage to let everybody in the family sing! Our whole extended family have great voices!

Sharpe Family Singers Box. Unfortunately the pandemic created manufacturing delays which, in turn, led to the cancellation of this year’s box. Fans can add their names to a waitlist. In the meantime, any suggestions for new family games?

We were disappointed in the manufacturing issue with “Sharpe or Flat,” but I’m sure we will have a re-release in the near future.

Some of our favorite board games include Monopoly, Break the Safe, Uno, Electronic Clue, Yahtzee, but we also love to play active games including Hide-and-Go-Seek and dodgeball in the basement!

What’s ahead in 2021?

It should be an interesting and busy year as the entertainment business gets back to work! We have several really amazing opportunities coming up! Stay tuned for all the information! You may even see us on TV or hear us on the radio at some point in the near future!





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