Spencer Jordan Releases New Single “Bad People”

Singer/songwriter Spencer Jordan settled in Nashville after graduating from the University of Florida in 2016. His music is a mixture of the music he grew up listening to in Jupiter and the prevailing sounds found in today’s pop. His writing focuses on the everyday struggles and victories that come with life, love, and growing up.

You are releasing your fourth single, “Bad People”. What is the backstory to this song?

First and foremost, and maybe the most important aspect, this is my mom’s favorite song I’ve ever written. Love you mom! “Bad People” is about wanting someone you shouldn’t, and doing whatever it takes to get them. As with all of my songs, there is a lot of truth in it, and I had to go through some pretty rough times to get the inspiration for this one. I honestly wasn’t planning on releasing it any time soon, if at all, but I started playing it out a lot more and heard something in it that was different from my other songs. So I got a very talented friend to play Spanish guitar on the track, and 3 of my best friends to sing gospel choir vocals, and we really brought the song to life. I love this song because it is different, and a little dark, and way cooler than me. My mom says it’s a hit, at least!

Compared to your previous singles, how has the pandemic impacted the release of this song?

I am equal parts more stressed but also more chill about this release. The stress comes from the constant self-competition I put myself through, and wanting to continue to grow as an artist with each release. The pandemic means no shows for me to promote locally and no work for me to pay for marketing. Streaming in general has also taken a bit of a hit since most people listen to music in the car, at work, and at the gym. So now I have to find ways to get people to still want to listen and share with their friends, in a season where most people just wanna turn on Netflix in the background. But I’m also excited. So many more of my friends and fans have been reaching out on social media expressing their excitement for this release that I can’t help but remain hopeful and thankful to have the best listeners!

How does fans pre-saving your song impact how it is received upon release?

This is a big one for independent artists like myself. In short, pre-saving gives your song a boost upon release and affects the Spotify algorithm in a big way. It allows smaller artists to get noticed by curators of larger playlists, and if you get placed on those playlists, that means you have the chance to grow your listener-base and streams by potentially thousands. It’s a big deal.

Like all of us, we are craving some of our favorite comfort foods. What restaurants have you gotten take-out from?

One night we got Olive Garden takeout and it was MAGICAL. The breadsticks weren’t exactly endless, but it was a great treat. We also have Chick-fil-A every once in a while, and I’ve woken up to a table of Krispy Kreme boxes more than once.

What new recipes have you tried?

I’m not much of a cook, but I’ve gotten really good at making General Tso’s chicken and orange chicken. It’s a house favorite now!

Any new books to recommend?

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m finally reading a science fiction classic; Dune. It’s such an expansive series and if you’re a fan of great world-building and dynamic characters, Dune’s your series. It’s also getting a movie adaptation from one of my favorite directors, so I’m excited to get further into the series!

On the topic of books, you mentioned rereading the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. If Disney were to make a series based on the books, which character would you want to play and why?

I love this! I’m a little old to play any of the main characters, especially if they cast correctly, but I actually have another character I think would be a great fit. I would love to play Dionysus, who runs Camp Half-Blood (basically Hogwarts for demigods). He’s the god of parties and wine but is essentially cursed to be a camp counselor for an extended period of time. As someone who spent a lot of time as a camp counselor, I would love to break out my Chacos one more time and get to play a surly god. He has so much fun, pointy dialogue and that role is gonna be blast for whoever gets it.

Binge watching shows like Netflix’s “Tiger King” (what is your take on the show?). Which other shows have you been watching?

The Tiger King is a cultural enigma. Every major player is somewhere on the spectrum of narcissistic sociopathy, some more so than others. It’s completely ridiculous, edited and put together with incredible pacing, and hit at the perfect time. I think a lot of people do miss the point that not one of the characters is a good person, and at the heart of it, animals are being abused and kept captive. I don’t know if I can say I loved it, because of the underlying darkness of the subject material, but damn was I along for the ride.

Another show I just finished was season 3 of Ozark. Absolutely perfect show. Peak television. Everyone should watch it.

Getting outside and exercising, running, boxing. How do you stay motivated to work out?

Working out is how I stay sane. In no universe am I in “great” shape, but especially right now I have so much energy I need to get out, in between eating entire boxes of Nilla Wafers of course. I’m also holding out hope that we still get to have a bit of summer after all this, so I gotta keep doing my push-ups and sit-ups for those hypothetical boat days!

What songs are on your quarantine workout playlist?

Little Things- Quinn XCII x Chelsea Cutler

Right Back- Khalid

Z- Gayle

Wish You Were Sober- Conan Grey

And any/all Pop-punk music from the early 2000’s

Craziest thing you’ve done during the quarantine?

I am quarantining with two of my best friends and co-writers, Taylor Gayle and Sara Davis. They finally wore me down enough and convinced me to let them dye my hair blonde. Oh boy. It did NOT come out blonde. My hair looked like orange sherbet, and I would know, because we have orange sherbet in the freezer. I currently look like a backstreet boy reject and it’s all very funny. Honestly if there’s a time to do dumb stuff like dye my hair, its right now. Don’t worry kids, I’ve got my haircut scheduled for the day quarantine is over!

Saw that you are doing full song covers for sale as a way to generate income. How can fans connect with you to purchase these?

This has been such a fun way for me to be able to make some money over the last month! People can connect with me through my personal facebook or my email (spencerjordan21@gmail.com) and request a song cover for $25. I learn the song and post a video of me singing it on facebook, even if the song is REALLY embarrassing.

You also have offered to write full original songs. What is it like to create a song about people’s stories to give them something special like a personalized song?

I’ve written 4 so far and have more than that to go. The fact that people are entrusting me with putting their best moments into a 3 minute song is really cool. I’ve been able to write a birthday song, a dating anniversary song, and 30 years of marriage song, and a very personal song. I’m really loving the challenge, and the best part is someone gets a piece of art that they can call their own at the end of it all.

What else are you working on?

Right now I have 3 songs that are being finished and that will be coming out very soon on this project. I’m also working on an entirely different project that I’ve just started recording that should begin coming out in the back half of 2020! I’m so excited to be jumping back into creating a ton of music and I cannot wait to have it all out in the world! The problem with me is I keep writing songs that I love and want to release.

One of those songs we just wrote during quarantine called “The Boy in My Phone” is messing up my future release schedule because I like it so much! Hopefully you’ll be hearing that one sooner rather than later!

How do we bounce back, after weeks of social distancing, once the quarantine is lifted?

I feel like we’re gonna bounce back hard and fast. People want to get back to business as usual. They want to go to movies and shows and parties. They want to go outside. I do think we need to still be very careful though, I do believe we’ll have a new normal for at least a little while. Personally, something I’d love to see is companies realizing they don’t need all of their employees in the office at all times, which would help alleviate greenhouse gas emissions and. SO. MUCH. TRAFFIC (especially in Nashville).

What role will music play in our return to our new normal?

Entertainment news is basically all one headline now: “This Major Artist Cancels Huge Tour.”

People are going to be wanting music and they won’t be getting it from these stadium and arena tours. This may be a great time for the smaller artists and venues since people will be kinda starved for live performance.

I also think we may be nearing the end of the “sad boi/sad girl” phase of music we’ve been in since Julia Michaels released “Issues.” We’ve gotten such incredible and vulnerable music over the last few years, but I think people are gonna want something a little brighter, especially as we start to come out of this.

All this being said, I’m just gonna keep making the music I love, with the people I love, for the fans that I love. I can tell you honestly that after 4 singles I’m only getting more excited to put out new tunes and falling more in love with music. I won’t be playing any arena tours this year (haha) but I’m in no rush and if this quarantine has taught me anything, it’s to be able to sit back for a minute and enjoy where I am right now.

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