Stu Basham’s “Spring Break”

Donna Block
2 min readMar 13, 2023


“Nothin breaks your heart like a Spring Break”

After receiving attention from big country outlets like The Nash News and All Country News, Stu Basham is building on the momentum just in time for Spring Break.

Basham is sharing his newest feel-good country single “Spring Break” packed with catchy choruses and crowd pleasing chants. He tells a love story set in Cancun, Mexico where he meets the girl of his dreams on a quick getaway. He falls in love over one magical night and doesn’t want her to leave but she sadly becomes “5 foot 7 of got away” because “Nothin breaks your heart like a Spring Break.”

The inspiration for the song came from workshopping one he previously wrote in 2019 that wasn’t quite the story/sound he was looking for. He reworked the chorus and stumbled into the line of “Nothin breaks your heart like a Spring Break” and he immediately knew that was one of his favorite hooks that he’s ever written. He began to piece together the rest of the song and has been anxious for the opportunity to share it with everyone during March and the Spring Break season.

The single comes out March 17th and will be sure to make some waves, more than just on a Mexico beach.