Stu & Chrissy Basham’s Ballad, “I’d Be Lyin”

Debut single, “Hits Like a Girl.” Was Music City the inspiration for the song?

The inspiration for that was doing the classic Nashville spin on a lyric. I wanted to take a common phrase like that but spin it into a Luke Bryan type up-tempo song that people can dance to. I took the angle as if some girls are like drugs and there’s no kind of high quite like having a girl with you so nothing ‘Hits’ like a girl in that context.

The funny story about this, and many of my songs, is I give it a shot and it turns out awful haha. I scrapped it immediately but said that the lyrical idea was too good not to give it another try so what you hear on the song is my second attempt at the song and I think it’s a really fun debut that got people interested in my songs and planted a seed to start doing some promotion with other blogs.

First Country duet, a ballad, “I’d Be Lyin,” with your wife Chrissy. You used to sing together when you were based in New York City and writing pop songs, but this is your first collaboration since you moved to Nashville. You’ve compared the song to Jason Aldean’s and Carrie Underwood’s “If I Didn’t Love You.” Was that song the inspiration for yours?

My wife is a super talented actress and a great singer. She doesn’t care much for singing in a band but always did it to support me in NYC. Now that I’ve released a few songs in Nashville I thought a duet would be fun and so I threw out the idea to her to sing and she said yes. The hard part was coordinating our schedule with kids and actually rehearsing the song!

The inspiration to compare it to “If I Didn’t Love You” came from searching for a reference track to use on the mixing and production. That song didn’t come to mind until I was putting it together with the instrumentation and overall mix. So I listened to it a ton to get an idea of where I wanted to go with the mix. Michael Knox did a fantastic job on it and my production skills are a fraction of what he can do, but I think the overall concept is there and I love the finished product.

What traditions do you most fondly recall from your childhood?

We didn’t have a whole lot of traditions in my family growing up but one I really enjoyed was my dad would randomly play the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah in our living room and we weren’t allowed to come out and look at the Christmas tree until he started playing that song. So he got to call the shots in how long they got to sleep in and then play the song. My parents were both huge choir buffs so I grew up in a very choral and musical household.

Is there a dish you always associate with Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

My mom always made a really good ham with either peach sauce or orange sauce and these homemade rolls that took hours to make. The best part was after everything was cleaned up and put away we had a ton of leftovers and we made ham sandwiches for days which were delicious!

What is your most magical Christmas memory?

I grew up in a mountainy town of Bend, Oregon. It’s about 100k now so not that small but every time I visit for Christmas it snows like in the movies. It’s beautiful and so magical that you think it’s not even real. It’s like that final scene in Home Alone where it’s the perfect snow….That’s what the past couple times has been in Bend where it will snow on Christmas or Christmas Eve and you think “This can’t be real!”

What’s ahead in ’23?

I have big plans for 2023 and I’m so excited to continue to release singles but I am finalizing a Christmas single coming out probably in 2+ weeks called “Danger in a Manger” which is a serious ballad and an ode to the manger scene and how there’s power in something so innocent and sweet.

After that I will hit the ground running in January releasing a song I’m so pumped about and will keep the train rolling continuing to build momentum with my career.






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