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Holiday State is a country/pop music group started in 2014 by brothers Brandon, Brett and Bryan DeLaura from Orange County, California.

Can you share some of your family music memories growing up in Orange County?

We remember our household always playing music, a lot of R&B, Disco and Pop music. Our mom loved Barbara Streisand and Dolly Parton, our dad loved Lionel Richie and The Gap Band just to name a few, he was pretty sharp as far as dance moves go. He could do the mule kick (look that up) it was awesome! Us and our friends would use the camcorder and make music videos around the house and our neighborhood. It was good times…definitely remember turning the lights off in our living room and cranking up the music (we had a pretty good sound system in the house) we’d use this strobe light and these L.E.D. colored lights that we had and would perform and pretend there was this huge audience watching us. Usually it was just our parents or a few relatives cheering us on.

What led you to form Holiday State?

The formation of Holiday State was there long before the actual group started. We are brothers so we’ve been making music together for a long time now. We had been a part of other bands and groups and had done some solo projects as well. We have always gotten along so well growing up and were super tight with everything we did, so making music together was easy for us. After a few projects prior to Holiday State we decided to form a group, just the three of us. We could count on each other, everyone had the same vision and goals in mind, which made it that much better.

How did you choose the name Holiday State?

The name Holiday State originally was going be a clothing line that we had intended to start. And once the group that Bry and Brandon were in prior to this one disbanded we decided to name our new group Holiday State. It’s a state of mind we want to put people in when they listen to our music. A holiday usually means time off from school and work, vacationing and hanging with the people you enjoy being around the most, and everyone just having a good time. We want to take people away from their worries or troubles they’re going through when they come to a Holiday State show, and for that moment in time, they can escape to a better place.

What’s on your playlist for the L.A. County Fair?

We’re going to be doing all our originals including our new single “Sun Up Sun Down” and throwing in some great covers here and there throughout each set. Plus we will be rockin’ with our full backing band, so it’s going to be a great time!

L.A. County Fair Website


September 13 & 14

Holiday State — 6:00, 7:00, 8:15, and 9:15pm

And is Brett really giving free piggy back rides?

Lol!! Brett might give some free piggy back rides, you never know… but you’ve got to come out to the fair to find out for yourselves.

Before or after the fried Oreos?

Definitely before the fried Oreos, don’t want him in a food coma while carrying people on his back. That could be dangerous.

Favorite venue in Southern California?

Our favorite venue in Southern California would have to be the good ole Irvine/Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Orange County. We saw our first concert there and it was a nostalgic place for us. Just so many memories from that venue. It’s no longer there because the city tore it down, unfortunately, we had hoped to play there some day.

Dream Venue in Southern California?

Our dream venue would be to Rock Honda Center in Anaheim, California. We’ve seen a lot of concerts there plus a lot of Ducks games. Couldn’t imagine the feeling being on stage there in front of 20,000 plus with all our family/friends in attendance along with our hometown crowd.

What was the experience like recording your self-titled EP shortly after forming your band?

It was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience for us. We pretty much did everything on that project minus the producing. We built a recording studio in what used to be Brett’s old room. The equipment we purchased was decent but nowhere near the highest of quality. We recorded vocals in the closet we sound-proofed, wrote every song on that EP and Bry mixed the whole thing. He’d never mixed before so it was all trial and error. He did a pretty good job now that we look back on it. The final masters could’ve been better, but they also could’ve been a lot worse. We’d take breaks when our mom called us downstairs for dinner, then go back at it ‘til late.

After the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, the band released its second EP. How did the tragedy impact the evolution of your music?

After the Route 91 shooting, not just the group, but our whole family was intensely shaken by the tragedy and an indelible mark was left on all of us. It was necessary to take time off for Brett to heal, and as a part of the healing process, we sought out to make the most meaningful and purposeful music as possible, both melodically and lyrically. That hit way too close to home and we realized how short life can be, and how fortunate we are to have Brett still here with us. So we came at this project with a whole different perspective and attitude, that led us to Nashville in early 2018 to record with producer and music director for Hunter Hayes, Andy Sheridan. It was fun just being in the studio together, we had so many laughs and inside jokes from the sessions during the making of this EP.

Earlier this year you released the singles “Friday Feelin” and “Steal the Thunder”. Can you share the songs’ backstories?

Well…with the warm weather around the corner, we figured it would be a good time to write a perfect anthem for rolling down the windows and blaring some fun summertime music as you head out to the beach or the lake. We really wanted to focus on creating something with a catchy hook that you could sing along to. From that came “Friday Feelin’” and a music video that brought that feel-good anthem to life. As far as “Steal the Thunder” goes…we think it’s safe to say that we all know that one girl who the song could be about, we wanted to celebrate her. It’s an anthemic ode to the girl that steals the show without even trying, who’s beautiful, inside and out, who may have to deal with jealousy from other women. It’s a slower love song vibe, with a very powerful hook that grabs the listeners attention.

Listen to “Friday Feelin’”

Listen to “Steal the Thunder”

What do you hope fans will take away from your latest single “Sun Up Sun Down”?

“Sun Up Sun Down” is another one of those feel good records, even though the summer is coming to an end, it’s got that warm Cali vibe to it. Just you and your significant other enjoying each other’s company throughout the entire day, looking to just find a romantic spot and be together. We hope fans will take away the fact that it’s about being in the moment and enjoying that special someone’s company, being present.

How would you compare the country music crowds in Orange County to those in Nashville?

We don’t think the country crowds in Orange County differ too much from the crowds in Nashville, you might see a few more cowboy hats and boot stomping going on out in Nash, and obviously Nashville has so much history and is the heart of country music and the energy there is something you can’t duplicate, but to tell you the truth, people just want to come out and have a good time, get rowdy, have some drinks, and let loose no matter what part of the country they’re in. We just want to entertain, and we feed off of the crowds energy… and when you’re both feelin’ it, that’s something special.

What’s ahead in 2020?

2020 has a lot of great things in store for us. We’re focusing on getting back in the studio and creating some new music. Also working with some new producers and writers as well. We’ll be playing a lot more live shows not only in Cali but all around the country. An overseas trip would be nice too. Being on the road with the band and exploring the different cities is so much fun. Hopefully we can get on the festival circuit and expand our fan base and bring a hell of a live show to everyone out there.

What do you each like to do when you aren’t writing or performing?

When we’re aren’t writing or performing, we like to hang with the fam and our pets, go to the lake/beach/river, ball games, see old friends, catch up on T.V. shows or movies. Bry has an off road motor sports company that he keeps ties on. We just enjoy the down time, keepin’ it mellow and just relaxing.

What do you wish you’d be asked in an interview?

What do we wish we’d be asked in an interview?? Hmmm…these were obviously some really great questions…maybe next time y’all can ask us what our favorite colors are? We really wanted to tell you what our favorite colors are…that’s always a really deep question with a lot of thought required to answer it…Lol!

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