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“Take a breath and enjoy life as it’s happening.” -Lauren Davidson’s “Soaking Up Every Second”

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Country Music Association (CMA) Artist and Recording Academy (Grammy) Member Lauren Davidson is a New York City/New Jersey based singer-songwriter with a unique and powerful voice. Davidson has created her own sound and memorable songs in a style that she calls “Urban Country” as a nod to her city roots and unconventional stories in the Country/Pop/Rock genre.

What can you do in an acoustic version of a song that you can’t in a full band one?

I always love the energy of a full band but I think when songs are stripped down it allows the listener to pay more attention to the lyrics and the story and that’s at the core of all of my music.

What is it like to sing the National Anthem?

Incredible. It’s nerve wracking for sure because it’s such a special song but there is no feeling like it.

Favorite radio or TV interview to date?

Hm. I’ve been fortunate to have some cool ones recently. I think one would definitely be the Ty Bentli Show because its a unique experience- creating a song on the spot.

What was the inspiration for the song “Soaking Up Every Second”?

I was in Nashville just chatting with my friend and co-writer Adam McDonough and my Nashville trips are always non stop. I was expressing how I felt being caught up in the go go go. We wanted to write a song as a reminder that it’s sometimes important to take a breath and enjoy life as it’s happening.

Can you think of a time in your life you wish you could go back to and soak up every second?

I have definitely been much more mindful of this over this past year and change but I wish I soaked up more of the start of this journey as an artist and a songwriter. That feeling when you want something so bad and all the small victories that got me to where I am today. I find myself to be very reflective on some of that time that I know I didn’t soak it all in the way I wish I would have.

What song of yours or any artist would you say describes you to a ‘t’?

This is a tricky one. I definitely haven’t released any music I would consider describes me to a t even though there is a piece of myself in all my songs. A lot of my music pulls from experiences I’ve encounter and how I’ve felt about them at the time. Soaking up every second has definitely become my mantra though!

Favorite outfit to wear onstage?

I have so many since I love picking out stage clothes. But my go-to is sequins or fringe. I love a little something extra!

Recently Miranda Lambert posted why she thinks Carrie Underwood should win CMA Entertainer of the Year. Can you share the names of up and coming female artists you feel also have a strong stage presence and we should add to our playlists?

Absolutely. This hit me — hard. I was so moved by her words and I think that I’m a big advocate for women in our industry. Some of my favorite up and coming artists are Hannah Ellis & Kalie Shorr who I’ve been honored to share the stage with and Anna Vaus. All 3 of these ladies are honest, unique and true to themselves as well as really cool people who I’m fortunate to know!

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Who are your top five female country artists of all time?

I’m not sure I can pick just 5! Carrie Underwood. Miranda Lambert. Shania Twain. Dolly Parton. Martina McBride.

Song you are currently obsessed with and why?

I actually have a few. I’ve been thinking I want to make a playlist. I’m really loving All We Have by Rachel Reinert and Family Tree by Caylee Hammack — when these two come on I have to listen more than once.

Favorite New York venue fans may be unfamiliar with?

My favorite is and always has been Irving Plaza. I’m just dying to play a show there and I always love going to see shows there.

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Pre- and post- concert rituals?

Pre show shot and hands in with my band and then I always take a quick moment to myself before I charge the stage. Post right now is meet & greets directly after my sets and I always take a moment before I go to bed to reflect on the night.

What do you like to do outside of music that you’ve found helps stimulate your writing and creativity?

I love to go see live music. I’ve always loved going to shows. I also like taking walks to stimulate creativity.

What are you currently working on?

A new top secret project for next year that I’m really excited about!

What’s ahead in 2020?

More shows, more touring and more music for sure!

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