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Taylor Borton Releases Debut Single “Give a Damn”

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With a yearning desire to live in Music City, Taylor Borton moved from Youngstown, OH to Nashville, TN at age nineteen. Her biggest goal is to tour and perform around the world, inspiring others who might feel as afraid as she once did. Borton is poised to gracefully continue chasing her dreams.

“Chasing a music career is more of a challenge than anything, but that’s what makes it worthwhile.” What are some of the best music memories you have to date?

My first live show was at a church through my lesson center for a recital. I played and sang one song and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I knew it wasn’t my best, but I felt so unstoppable once I did it. I eventually attended my first open mic night, allowing me to perform my first original song. Then, I got into longer sets and began playing at local bars and fairs. A lot of musicians I met at home (in Ohio) were much older and not into the genre I was. So, I graduated high school and headed to Nashville. Let the best memories begin!

Which country artists from Ohio have most influenced your music?

Honestly, I left home because there was no one I could relate to. I never had a role model — nobody in my family were musicians. They’re beyond supportive of me, I just wanted to live somewhere I felt more like myself. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is the best option and, for me, it was.

What is the backstory to “Give a Damn”?

Well, my ex pissed me off so I picked up my guitar — that’s how the first couple of lines started. As I was writing, I realized there are a lot of other things I felt the same way about. The chorus is in second person, with that person being your awful boss, bad friend, cheating significant other… you get the drift. Maybe I was just having a bad day, but sometimes you just don’t give a damn.

You graduated from the audio engineering program at the Blackbird Academy. Did you work with Colby and Tommy with producing your new single?

I graduated in September of 2019 from The Blackbird Academy. I recorded the acoustic guitar track and fiddle while I was in school. From there, I recorded scratch vocals and sent the tracks remotely to some very talented musicians to complete the song. I re-recorded my vocals in my house and Colby Killingsworth sat down and did some mixing. We then sent the song to the talented Tommy Wiggins to master. I couldn’t be more happy with the work they all put into it.

Video — did you create the storyboard for the shoot?

I did create the storyboard of my music video, as well as supplying the props and clothing. I called up a friend and got his approval to film in his house, since he has a very vintage farm estate. I asked my drummer if he would play the part of my husband and another fellow artist to play the home wrecker. They willingly said yes and did amazing. I didn’t want my song to represent a typical breakup song, or at least the music video, so I borrowed my grandmothers old dress (that ironically fit me perfectly) to build a 1970s theme. Though, the real magic was casted behind the camera with Lindsey Productions out of Bowling Green, KY.

be badass”. Can you describe the musical traits of a ‘badass’ artist?

Make everyone have to pay attention to you. Not everyone is into the same music or the same style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture their attention and pull them in. Nobody wants to hear a little girl when she has an opinion, and that’s all I am to some people being so tiny. So, write a powerful song that they can relate to, sing it confidently, and you’ll gain their respect. If you don’t, they never deserved you in the first place!

Favorite song to cover and why?

One of my favorite cover songs to play is “All the Best” by John Prine. Not only is the song beautiful, it’s one of those that gets the crowd to stop and listen. A room is felt when the silence is heard, and not every song gives off that vibe. I perform the song in the key of Bb, which is a key my voice is most comfortable and confident in. I believe if I embrace that, the crowd feels the same way. It’s the best 3 minutes and thirty seconds I’ve had. Rest in peace John — you’re a legend!

Love your logo! How does it capture the spirit of your music?

Thank you! I knew I wanted to include my first and last initials “TB” and a symbol that represented what I do. I didn’t want a basic picture of a guitar, so I combined the two and I’m really happy with the result. A little creativity is all it takes and I think my logo captivates that.

Can you share what fans can expect in your upcoming EP?

I really want to inspire fans and other musicians to be themselves, by being unique. Don’t ever do something that isn’t you just because that’s what’s popular. My single “Give A Damn” is a mix of Country, Americana and Folk. I’m still writing and figuring out what songs will be on my EP, but I can promise they’ll all have a fiddle and steel guitar.

You posted that Covid-19 has had a positive effect on you and your music — how so?

Covid-19 has had nothing but a negative effect on everyone it seems, especially musicians in the heart of Nashville. Though, having a few months free of distraction from a boring side job gave me the freedom to focus on what’s truly important to me — my music. I set a goal for myself, that being I would have my very first single before July, with a music video to follow. It took a lot of research and patience to learn the correct steps to create and promote the song, but I’ve never been more motivated to put the work in as an independent artist. As long as you keep a positive mind set, not even a pandemic can slow you down…or me, anyways!

Quarantined to nature. Have you been able to explore any new spots in Tennessee?

I love being surrounded by nature, except for the allergies I get in return. Besides that, if I have the opportunity to write or perform outside, I’m there. There’s something about the way it makes you feel, you can be free and clear your mind. I’ve adventured to some waterfalls like Jackson Falls and Cummins Falls. You have to be prepared for a little hike down to them, but it’s totally worth it once you see the view. I’m keeping my eyes open for some cool camping spots. Nothing can beat kicking back with the sounds of birds chirping and your guitar strumming along.




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