Taylor Borton Releases Debut Single “Give a Damn”

Donna Block
6 min readJul 5, 2020


With a yearning desire to live in Music City, Taylor Borton moved from Youngstown, OH to Nashville, TN at age nineteen. Her biggest goal is to tour and perform around the world, inspiring others who might feel as afraid as she once did. Borton is poised to gracefully continue chasing her dreams.

“Chasing a music career is more of a challenge than anything, but that’s what makes it worthwhile.” What are some of the best music memories you have to date?

My first live show was at a church through my lesson center for a recital. I played and sang one song and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I knew it wasn’t my best, but I felt so unstoppable once I did it. I eventually attended my first open mic night, allowing me to perform my first original song. Then, I got into longer sets and began playing at local bars and fairs. A lot of musicians I met at home (in Ohio) were much older and not into the genre I was. So, I graduated high school and headed to Nashville. Let the best memories begin!

Which country artists from Ohio have most influenced your music?

Honestly, I left home because there was no one I could relate to. I never had a role model — nobody in my family were musicians. They’re beyond supportive of me, I just wanted to live somewhere I felt more like myself. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is the best option and, for me, it was.

What is the backstory to “Give a Damn”?

Well, my ex pissed me off so I picked up my guitar — that’s how the first couple of lines started. As I was writing, I realized there are a lot of other things I felt the same way about. The chorus is in second person, with