“That’s What Friends Do” New Single From DeDe Kimble

Pop singer-songwriter and dog-lover DeDe Kimble grew up in Pennsylvania, creating music and performing her whole life. Kimble is a self-taught guitar and piano player and began taking professional voice lessons and singing competitively at the age of ten.

How has your family inspired your career?

My family has been pretty influential with my career. I am the youngest of 4 kids, however the only person in my family to go forth to pursue music. My family has been extremely supportive with my music career and have always pushed me to follow my dreams.

Growing up in Philadelphia, what music did your family listen to?

We grew up listening to an assortment of music. My parents always had the oldies stations playing in the house and in the cars.

Can you share what the co-write was like for “That’s What Friends Do” with Kerri Watt and Fraser Watt?

It was so fun! This was one of my first co-writes since moving to Nashville. Fraser Watt has produced previous tracks of mine and we have written before. We had both been wanting to write with Kerri for a while so we were very excited when she booked a trip to Nashville from the U.K to work on some music! Kerri Watt is a touring Americana/Pop-Rock musician in the U.K. She was so great to work with and I feel we all connected very well during the write.

How did Taylor Swift and Maren Morris influence the write about your friend Sara and your long distance friendship?

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since her first album was released. I find that a lot of the music I write is inspired by her. Lyrically, I’d say this song was inspired by Taylor Swift and production wise it was inspired by Maren Morris and Taylor Swift.

What prompted you to leave one job in the industry to become a singer/songwriter?

It was a very difficult decision but I realized I wasn’t focusing enough time on myself and my music career. I felt that if I didn’t put all my time and energy into my music that I would be regretful one day.

How special is it to perform on stage with your friends?

It’s one of my favorite things. I’m very fortunate that my best friends from Berklee have moved to Nashville and we all perform.

Where was your first Nashville gig?

The Row!

Does traveling inspire your writing?

Yes! After traveling to Scotland, we were able to work on a lot of my music that will be released later this year.

Favorite trip to date?

Scotland! I took my first trip to Scotland in 2018. It was the first time I have ever traveled to the United Kingdom. I have since been there 3 times to spend with my boyfriend and his family. It is the most beautiful place.

Did you write your first songs, “Let It Burn” and “Want to Stay”, while you were at Berklee College?

Yes! “Want to Stay” was the first single I have ever released. I released it in 2017 and the following year wrote and released “Let It Burn”.

Was the official video for “Let It Burn” filmed at the school? Did you create the storyboard for it?

Yes! One of my best friends, Angela Gauthier, studied dance at The Boston Conservatory. I always wanted to collaborate with her and we came up with the storyboard for this video. She choreographed the dance herself. It was very special to have her a part of that project.

How has your degree in Music Business and Management shaped your career choices?

Having a degree in Music Business and Management from Berklee College of Music has definitely helped shape a lot of my career choices. It has guided me to create marketing plans for my releases and how to make smart business decisions.

What are the backstories to the songs on your EP “Addicted To You”?

Champagne Showers” was the single off my EP. I co-wrote this song with my boyfriend Fraser Watt. We wrote this about being in a relationship with someone that will not commit to you and just likes to play games.

Suffer” was a song I wrote about a relationship I was in where I realized the person I was dating was changed and not the same. It was about the self-reflection post breakup when you notice how unhappy you were and that the person you were with was not who you thought that they were.

Addicted To You” was a love song I wrote about my boyfriend. This was a super fun song to write about and my first “happy” song ever haha.

Tattoo” was a really fun song to write and record. It’s about all the things you could’ve done to salvage a relationship but you failed to do. I loved having my boyfriend, Fraser Watt, be a part of this. He produced this whole record, in addition to sang on this track. We sang this song in unison which was a cool perspective to add to the track.

Your Pitbull mix rescue Rosie has her own Instagram account @imrosiewiththepinknosey. Has she inspired any songs?

She has not inspired any songs yet.

Did being a dog sitter/walker lead you to finding your dog?

I had a friend that asked me to puppy sit for the weekend — that was when I met Rosie and watched her for the weekend. I absolutely fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She is a rescue from Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands.

What’s ahead for you in 2020?

In 2020 I hope to release a lot more music, go on tour in the states and potentially perform at a few festivals in the U.K!

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