“The goal is to give rise and resurrection to a form of music that is seemingly lost in today’s day and age. Give life once more to the timeless sounds of great eras past.” exclaims lead singer and frontman, Duke Ryan.

It’s the essence of The Drugstore Gypsies sound and persona. They take their audiences to a place where for two hours they completely forget about the stresses of their lives outside the venue.

Duke, what are your musical backgrounds?

Our musical backgrounds vary mainly from rock and roll such as The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and other groups of the 70’s and 80’s, to country music of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

How did you all connect in 2014 to form the band?

We all connected back in 2014 after knowing one another from high school. After playing in various bands, with and without one another, we decided to give this group a go. And hell I’d say it worked out!

Band Members

Duke Ryan-Lead Vocals
Dillan Dostal-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Korey Davis-Bass Guitar/Vocals
Reynaldo Chapa-Drums/Vocals
John Wilson-Hammond/Vocal

What does your band name mean?

We are a band of gypsies. A collective group of degenerates that can’t call one place home for too long. The name mainly stems from the nature of our process.

Your music has been compared to the hair bands of the 90s. Which bands/songs have most influenced your music?

Call it hair metal, call it rock and roll, call it whatever the hell you want. But, yes, there is some hair band influence that is hard to deny. I’d say bands like Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and Van Halen were my big 3 bands of the era that had an impact on this record.

“Breakin The Law” Official Music Video

Official Texas Red Dirt. How would you explain the genre to new fans? How does it differ from outlaw or Texas country music?

What we do is far from the style of music that is popular in the Texas Red Dirt Scene. I love red dirt music, don’t get me wrong! But my biggest thing is individuality. I’m tired of seeing these young guns coming up that want to be just like one of their counterparts in the scene. Be different, be original, be yourself. Even if you don’t quite fit the mold, break that mold. And so long as you are pushing a good product, and your music is solid you will have no trouble gaining new fans. Trust me I’m living proof.

Can you share the backstories to your songs on Easy Access?

Easy Access as a collective can definitely be seen as a concept record. All of the songs in one way or another tell one big story. The true story of our day in and day out lives.

Easy Access Listen on Spotify

What’s your songwriting process?

Dillan Dostal and I sit down initially with a riff and maybe a melody with a few lyrics. Then through our collaboration as a pair we come up with the bulk of the song. It is then taken to the band and the rest is history.

“Black Label Boogie” Official Music Video

How have you brought the energy of your live shows to your new release?

The energy is unmistakable! We bring it everywhere we go! Especially me being a front man without an instrument to accompany me, I rely entirely on the type of show and energy I bring. And this record is nothing but energy in some form or another.

What makes for a good cover?

Promiscuity. At least for a cover like Easy Access. Sex sells man!

Speaking of your live shows, what’s your upcoming tour schedule?

We are all over the place! Gigs are coming in day by day and we are looking to fill as many as we can. All throughout Texas and into the great unknown!

Click here for the band’s current tour

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on tour?

I’d have to consult my lawyer on a few of the crazier ventures. but the opening line to the opening track on Easy Access is “access is easy when the getting is good, so throw your caution on up with the breeze. You’d think its crazy if you understood the kinda shit we make you wanna believe”. If that tells you anything.

Of all the highlights of your career is there one thing that stands out to you as most memorable?

Reaction from fans. When people come up to me to tell me that my music has somehow had an impact on their lives for the better. There is nothing more special to me, and no greater of a feeling knowing that you’ve created something that has done so much for someone.

Dream venue to play?

All of them!!!!!

Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

No specific project I’m putting massive amounts of effort into. But I do write my own songs. Very different style than the band. Maybe I’ll release something some day!

What are your immediate and long term career goals?

Immediate goal is to continue to stay busy and keep climbing. Long term goal is to make it to the top and keep trying to climb even higher!

What are your thoughts on current state of the music industry?

Commercialized music is absolute dog shit. Formulaic, recycled garbage that panders to a crowd of idiots that don’t know any better because this stuff has been force fed to these people. So much so that it has blinded them from going out and actually searching for new music. But hey these record companies are making millions of dollars off of this crap. And a moron’s money spends the exact same as everyone else’s I guess.

If a movie were to be made of your band’s story, which actors would you want to star in it?

That is a tough one. I’d like to think Morgan Freeman would still be kicking around and he could play my part. Then we could clone Jack Black a few times to fill in for the rest of the band. Tell me that wouldn’t be a box office hit!

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