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The Good in Goodbye — Joe Hanson’s “Broken If It Don’t Break” — A Medium Exclusive First Listen

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When your heart is telling your mind — “your leaving left me feeling nothing … I didn’t even see it coming … should be places I can’t go …” — just what it needs after a breakup.

Joe Hanson is already breaking the mold, and he’s brand new to country music. Even now, the Illinois native knows how to write the kind of songs that stick in your head, with lyrics that reflect the bitter and the sweet he’s tasted in life. After experimenting with various sounds and projects, Hanson knew that his calling was to make country music, so he officially moved to Nashville.

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Naperville, Illinois. Can you share memories from the first country concert you attended near your hometown?

I remember the very first country concert I went to was Dan and Shay and Brett Eldredge at Taste of Joliet in IL probably back in 2013. I remember it being amazing because Dan and Shay were brand new and were opening for Brett and to see where they are now is incredible. I also remember Brett Eldredge because he is a fellow Illinois native and I remember being super inspired after watching him in the live show. It really fueled my desire to be a country artist seeing that it’s possible to be from IL and have it work out!

How do you choose songs like Dan + Shay’s “I Should Probably Go to Bed” to cover?

When I choose covers I typically like to choose songs that are trending or on the top charts right now. I also like to stay relevant by using songs that just came out, so after hearing Dan and Shay’s new song and realizing it was a smash, it was kind of a no brainer for me to cover it!

“Broken If It Don’t Break” follows the very successful release of “Part of Me”. What drew you to these breakup songs?

For me what I love about these breakup songs is that they captured a moment in my life where I was going through a difficult season. Although I’m not in that season in my life anymore I know that those experiences hold valuable lessons that they can use to grow as a person and receive hope if they are going through the same thing knowing that it’s only a temporary season God has you in, and to keep your eyes on what’s next in life.

Which songs are your top five breakup tunes to listen to?

1). I’m Gonna Miss Her — Brad Paisley

2). Marry Me — Thomas Rhett

3). You’ll Think of Me — Keith Urban

4). Drunk on A Plane — Dierks Bentley

5). Tomorrow — Chris Young

Will your upcoming EP continue this theme of the emotional response to parting ways?

The upcoming EP will definitely NOT keep on this emotional response of parting ways trend haha, I’ve kinda written all I want to say about that particular point of my life. I’m definitely in a new season filled with love being in a new relationship and faith after having my relationship with Jesus completely renewed and restored. I’m excited to let the listeners in on what my life has been for the past couple months and let them hear what my heart has been going through, in a great way!

What message would you hope someone struggling after a breakup would take away from listening to these songs?

My hope is that somebody who hears these songs receives encouragement by knowing that they are not the only ones walking in the shoes that they are in right now. Often times as humans we tend to magnify the very season that we’re in. However I hope this song brings a bigger perspective to the listener that there is light on the other side of a break up and there is hope at the other side of the dark season. I also hope that these songs remind people that it’s okay to hurt. I think a lot of times we perceive broken hearts as a sense of being weak. That is absolutely NOT the truth, being vulnerable, showing your hurts and struggles does not make you weak it makes you human. A breakup is only temporary, so don’t lose faith. I like to believe that if someone left your life and it didn’t work out it was heavens vote that God didn’t need that person in your life to fulfill the divine plan he has for you. Oftentimes the very thing you’re dreaming for is right on the other side of not giving up. What I remind myself normally is don’t let a season of hurt or brokenness steal your joy or peace because God is still seated on his throne. Just because the circumstance in your life looks bad doesn’t mean God stopped being God, he’s still holding your life in his hands, and quite frankly those are the very best hands your life, future and relationships could be placed in because he is always for you. I’ve learned that it’s the seasons of brokenness God walks me through that he’s using to draw me nearer to Jesus and experience his presence deeper.

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Tours on hold indefinitely. How will you be connecting with fans to promote the new single?

My hope is that I can get on social media and connect with fans as much as possible through Livestreams and actively responding to their comments.

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When we last spoke you said you wanted to continue learning how to play the piano and steel guitar. Have you been able to practice during the off time?

I’ve definitely used this time to work on my craft as far as piano guitar and vocals. A lot of this season has been inspiration for me as a writer and I’ve been able to take time to live life and refine what I want to say as a songwriter and an artist. I try to write every day even if it’s just putting song ideas into my phone and brainstorming hooks.

You played baseball in college. What do you think of the Chicago Cubs hot start to the shortened season?

I think it’s great, I’m a big fan of the Cubs and I hope to see them do really well! I’m sad it’s a shortened season but glad they are off to a hot start.

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Time at home with family and friends. What have you been up to with Macey other than corn hole and thumb wrestling?

I just spent the week prior in Pennsylvania visiting her and her family. We had THE BEST time doing stuff like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing just trying to get outside. We also got to visit Hersheypark which was a blast, I was definitely not used to riding a roller coaster with a face mask but there’s a first for everything I guess!! Truthfully I could be doing nothing with her and still have a good time, just being around her never fails to make me laugh and smile.








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