The Highway Women Release Video for “Shake the Dust”

The Highway Women is an all female country blend (country, rock, pop) music band like no other bringing a musical movement to support other women in country music and beyond.

The Highway Women fire on all cylinders and never fail to wow their audience and leave them wanting more.

“Stand Up and Fight” has become the anthem for The Highway Women as it embodies the spirit and passion of your drive to succeed in the music industry.” What is the backstory to this song?

All: This song was pitched to our owner Jill Pavel from Sean Gasaway & 2 Steel Girls. At the time we were writing anthem style songs, we loved this one so much we decided to record it. It fit into our Song Trilogy quest of empowering female songs.

“God Made Me Right” had an impact nationally through the girl power theme and empowerment message. If you were to compile a playlist of girl power empowerment songs, which songs would be on the list?

Fight Song — Rachel Platten

Respect — Aretha Franklin

God is a Woman — Ariana Grande

Race the sun to the horizon line … shake the dust”. What motivates each of you to keep the ‘race’ moving forward?

We are so determined to keep making music for our fans, inspiring other women to chase every dream within and be great role models to young girls. It is so important to show our youth that all things are possible if you put the pedal to the floor.

“Never stop chasing your dreams … EVER.” What are the band’s musical dreams?

All: We can’t wait to get out on the road and perform for our fans and of course make new friends. Covid19 has been a challenge, we are so happy that we are blessed with social media so we can connect in with our fans. We also want to work with Dolly, Reba, Miranda and Ashley McBryde!

The band that prays together plays together.” Which verses do you find yourselves turning to most during the quarantine?

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you and my righteous right hand” — Isaiah 41:10.

Recording an EP while under stay at home orders. What unexpected challenges have you had to overcome as you put together the EP?

We finished our last EP two weeks before Covid19 became an event here in the states. We are working together with our producer on two new songs and will be doing our vocals soon! It is not as fun but if there is will there is a way! Kristen and Drew wrote our two upcoming singles, we are so excited to showcase their work!

How do you see the business side of the music industry evolving post pandemic?

I think change is hard but for us we have really been trying to focus on today and not tomorrow. There are still a lot of opportunities for indie artists, you have to be clever, think out of the box and most importantly be there for your fans. We are so grateful for our fans it is our honor to make sure we are there for them like they have been there for us. The future? Well I think there is going to be a sonic boom when the venues and tours start up again. The world is thirsty for concerts and shows. We have faith and believe we will all be okay. Maybe things will change, but change is good if you are open minded.

On a positive note, what good things have come from being home these past few months?

Family. It has been so nice for us to spend time with our families. Connecting in with our friends as well. How blessed are we that we have technology that gives us a chance to connect in? Also at times it forced us to slow down and just be grateful for the blessings we do have.

What message do you want to share with fans as we all try to navigate these uncertain times?

Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Social Distance so we can come out and show you a good time in the near future! We have music to share with y’all.






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