The Important Message Behind Alisha Pace’s New Single “Like I Like Me”

Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Alisha Pace is all about embracing the “sweet” things in life. Her music brings the sounds of country and pop together to tell stories of love, life, and not letting anything get ya down while you’re discovering who you are.

Read that your mom claims you would sing yourself to sleep in your crib. What music did your family listen to as you grew up in Sugar Land, Texas?

Pretty much only Contemporary Christian Music. I began listening to country and pop when I was about 13 and fell in love with them both immediately!

You started performing at age eight. What was the first community theater show you were in? What drew you in to acting?

It was called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” I only went to the audition because my sister wanted to audition — But the director saw me and needed a girl my age, so she got me to audition and the rest was history.

Home schooled until age 13. What are some of the best memories from being home schooled?

Honestly, like super normal things. Like having the time to go to the grocery store with my mom. Or park days.

Auditioning for American Idol season 11. Besides a yellow ticket, what was the most important lesson you took away from the experience?

Hmmm. Probably the value of hard work. When I got the ticket, it was under the premise that I still had some work to do on my voice. In between then and Hollywood, I was more committed to my voice lessons that I’d ever been before. Through that, I learned for the first time that the voice really is a muscle, and can change and grow in range and ability, when you work it out.

Favorite Texas venues to play?

Probably a bar in Waco, Texas called Crickets!

How have you used your Baylor University degree in Professional Sales in your music career?

Oh man! That degree comes in to play in every area of my life. That degree program and the teachers in it taught me about professionalism in every aspect: how to interview, how to present myself, and how to look for and add value to any transaction. Those life lessons help me with every interaction I have- both in music and outside of it.

You wrote a blog when you were in college. What are your favorite topics to write about?

Ha! That was actually for a class! Good to know it’s still out there J

You said you never want to stop learning or growing. How do you make sure to do this with your busy schedule?

I think one of the best ways to ensure this happens is surrounding yourself with different types of people and learning from them. I have my music friends that are all brilliant and incredibly hard working towards their dreams. I also have a 9–5 sales job in the business world that gives me the opportunity to speak to all types of different people all over America and learn from the other business minded people within the company.

Love the energy in your video for “Recover Girl”. What inspired the co-write with Spencer Jordan and Gabby Patrice?

Spencer came in with the riff and Gabby came in with the idea. They were thrown out and we ran with them!

How did you choose “Like I Like Me” (co-written with Adam Sickler) to be your new single?

Oh man- this one is just my fave. It’s such a fun one to perform. When it was just birthed, my co-writer Adam and I played it for our group of friends, and I remember them saying, “this is your best Alisha.” Coming from people who know a lot of my material, it really meant a lot to me. So we just kept playing it and now it’s out for anyone who wants to listen to it!

What message do you hope fans take from your latest single?

As a single 20-something, I’ve been guilty of falling in “like” quite regularly while dating. “Like I Like Me” champions the idea of setting some priorities in the dating game and also being in “like” with yourSELF. ‘Cause, no matter how much you like a person, if they’re treating you poorly, it’s time to activate your self-like and move on.

What was your parents’ take on the new song? Anything like their hilarious responses to “Naked and Lazy”?

HA. No. They were more supportive of this one. Mainly because it doesn’t include the word “naked” in it lol.

In our last interview you said you’ve wanted to write a song about graveyards since you were 9. Have you jotted down any lyrics?

I have not! Gotta get on that!

What is your favorite song to cover in concert?

TOSS UP. “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson or “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by The Andrew Sisters.

What are your go to ‘life giving’ things?

Always being honest. Talking to my parents. Waking up and reading a devotional to set my mind on the right things as soon as I get up. Thanking God for whatever is going on in life at that time. Working out. Getting organized.

Car-talks. If you were to be asked to join James Corden for Carpool Karaoke what song would you sing with him?

WOOHOO! This would be the DREAM. Probably “Like I Like Me” or an unreleased song called “Church It Up!

You said it’s on your bucket list to own a porch swing one day. Does it remind you of home?

No haha. We didn’t have a porch swing actually. But we had one in the back yard growing up and I loved it. Swings in general are made for good conversations

Becoming a ‘regular’ at a restaurant or a coffee shop is something that brings you joy. Which Nashville restaurants/coffee shops do you love?

Frothy Monkey and a little Pho place called Hai’s Sushi and Pho.

You collect wine corks and perfume bottles. What started each collection? You also mentioned if fans have extras, they can send them your way. What’s the best way for them to get them to you?

Oh this would be the coolest to get these from people! I worked at a restaurant for three years in college and that’s what started the wine cork thing- there were always a bunch of extras and I loved them for crafts. And as for perfume bottles, I just love smelling good lol. So I found myself with a bunch of empty bottles and thought, ya know what, “I’M KEEPING THEM.” As for people getting them to me, guess I need to get a PO box!

Ice cream is your favorite food group. Scoop has it that Jeni’s is your go-to brand. What flavor do you recommend?

Brown butter Almond Brittle. Hands down.

Movie and game nights. Top 5 of each?

Ooooh. Apples to Apples. Golf (card game). Bunco. Chicken Foot. Spoons.

When Harry Met Sally. While You Were Sleeping. You’ve Got Mail. Anne of Green Gables. Little Women.

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