“The perfect house, serene setting, but that could not be farther from the truth.” — Laine Lonero’s “Broke”

Donna Block
6 min readMay 30


Ponchatoula, Louisiana native, performing in musical theater and opera. Kidz Bop, featured on four CDs. First song written at age 13.

Radio Disney Country, played your debut single, “No Sweat.”

Winning an original songwriter contest, Nashville Dreamin’, with a song you co-wrote with Will Rambeaux and Sherrie Krenn, about your grandmother’s battle with cancer, “The Little Girl in Me.”

You recently posted that, “Without fail, every time we said our goodbyes, she always told me, “All I want to do is live to see you make it big” and although that dream of hers may not have come true, I owe it to her to make the most of mine.” What are some of the songs you and your grandmother would listen to as you grew up?

This was actually my Dad’s mom who passed away recently. She really didn’t listen to music but loved anything I did. She was like that with all of her grands though, as she called us. We walked on water to her. She was definitely one of my biggest fans. She was kind of a promoter in her own way. I have a funny story… She was in assisted living and continued to tell or harass another resident’s son there about me and that I was a singer. She knew he did commercials and was a kind of famous attorney in New Orleans. He just listened politely to her every time and would leave after visiting his mom. She kept it up, and he finally took the information from her when she practically followed him to his car one day. He ended up having his agent check me out, they called me, and I ended up filming a commercial singing his jingle for his company. He was an attorney and always used local singers for it. That commercial is still airing after five years.

“Back to Me,” “This song came about during a very sad time for me, which for songwriters is the perfect time to write. Songwriting has always been such a great outlet for me. Unfortunately, my heart had to be broken to create it, but that’s life. I happen to have a co-write (session) scheduled during this time with the amazing Michael Farren of Curb/Word publishing. He just has a way about him that brings out those feelings deep inside. The demo we recorded that day is what I would call ‘haunting.’ I could actually hear my pain. It was my first real relationship, and that’s why the meaning behind it is so strong.” You also shared how writing the song helped you heal, and how you hoped others would hear the message and it would help them also heal. Which other artists’ songs do you listen to when you need healing?

I love listening to sad songs of course and Noah Cyrus is definitely one I turn to during these times. “Back to Me’” was actually produced based on inspiration from her song “Lonely.” Noah Kahan is another one, and Zach Bryan comes in handy in times of trouble.

Featured National Anthem performer for among others — the San Diego Padres, Nashville Sounds, Louisiana State University, and the New Orleans Pelicans. Where would your dream venue be to perform the song?

I have always wanted to sing at an NFL game. It would be great to do that for the New Orleans Saints or the Titans now that I am living in Nashville. I would also love to sing at a Predators game. We don’t have hockey in Louisiana.

Living now in Nashville and attending Belmont University in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business. The college’s ‘hands-on, experiential learning opportunities provide students with unique insight into the music business, audio engineering, entertainment, songwriting, media and motion pictures industries.’ How does learning about the business side of the industry help you grow as an artist?

It’s so helpful to me to learn every part of the music business. I never could have imagined there were so many components. I just wrote and sang which came more naturally. I am now being challenged in learning about production, publishing, A&R, PR. All of these areas are so important in what I do and really have helped me see another side to it all.

“Broke,” co-written with Amanda Cooksey and produced by Maks Gabriel. How does the music video capture the song’s message?

We used a house next to Shelby Park just east of downtown Nashville. My mom had rented the Airbnb there in the back of the house, and the owners were so nice to let us use the house to film the video. We wanted to capture the “old school love” feel, and this house was perfect. The house was pretty new, but according to the owners, it was designed to look historic. It’s an all-white farmhouse style with the white picket fence and a great porch with a big bed swing on it. It was a representation of the “all American dream” basically. We made a few adjustments to match the theme and the vibe we were looking for. Just for fun we even pulled in a few antique items from the 50’s.

The video represents the song by showing a marriage where the guy (played by Sam Sherrod) doesn’t seem to appreciate her anymore. I guess the whole thing is an oxymoron. The perfect house, serene setting, but that could not be farther from the truth.

Tourette Syndrome. How are you working to raise awareness and offer encouragement for those also dealing with it?

I hate even talking about it because I know there are so many that have it so much worse than myself. I have been very lucky to find a neurologist in Nashville who specializes in Tourette’s and has found a treatment plan that really helps with my tics and anxiety. Hopefully by sharing my story, it will encourage others to never let anything stop them from pursuing their dreams. Hopefully one day I could become an ambassador for a foundation which helps kids struggling with Tourette’s.

Gigibelle, your one-year-old shih poo dog. Where do you two like to explore in Music City in your free time?

I pretty much take her anywhere they allow her to go. She is a registered ESA (emotional support animal), so she can go most places with me. One of our favorite places to go is TJ Maxx. She usually ends up with a toy or some new treats when we go. We also love going to Starbucks where she can get a pup cup. I moved into a house now, but I was even able to have her in the dorm at Belmont, and I am so thankful for that.







“Broke” Single Art Photo Credit: Marisa Taylor, Risa Photography