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The Power of Change — Hudson Valley’s “Right Place Now”

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Hudson Valley is a rockin’ female-fronted country band paving their way in Nashville, Tennessee! Lead singer Sarah Owens has been carrying a torch for country music north of the Mason Dixon line since she was a little girl, and, after landing in Nashville in 2018, Owens hit the ground running with a group of musical kindred spirits; Richie Owens on drums, Andrew Kosek on bass, and Matthew Farinelli on guitar.

“Hudson Valley perfectly describes themselves as a 90’s female country band with a rock edge …” Which 90s female country artists, besides Martina McBride, Faith Hill, and The Chicks, have most influenced the band’s sound?

Martina, Faith, Trisha.. those women are who influenced me and what I wanted my voice to sound like as I was growing up. My sound as a vocalist is years of desperately trying to sing like those women, but as a band, we have pulled a lot of inspiration in our sound from The Judds, Gretchen Wilson, and Jo Dee Messina.

with a rock edge”. What elements of your sound can be attributed to this ‘edge’?

The rock edge comes from the boys and their individual musical influences. Between Richie, Matt and Andrew they’ll pull from 80’s rock to 70’s country music. There’s a good balance of ACDC and Merle Haggard when we’re playing.

How does the band’s name represent the music you create?

I don’t know if it necessarily represents our music, but it represents where I came from. It’s paying homage to that place in New York where a little girl fell in love with country music, back when the only place you could watch a country concert was at the county fair or a tractor pull.

Everything is figureoutable”. What is the band’s story on making music during a pandemic?

It’s funny because I think everyone has had to deal with this “what do I do” feeling at the same time. We had all these plans, like everyone else, that just went out the window when Quarantine started. We had planned to record new music this year but it was just a matter of figuring out how to do that while being responsible and safe. So, when it actually came time to start recording, our producer Ryan Rossebo worked it out so that we could all lay down our parts individually, it was “socially distanced recording.”

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Saw your Instagram posts of some of your favorite places. What are some places on your bucket lists to visit?

We wanted to share our “favorite places” leading up to the reveal of the song title “Right Place Now” which for all of us is Nashville, it’s the place we put Hudson Valley together. When we can finally tour again, we’d love to hit every single state, we dig tropical vibes so I know we’d all be happy if we could get to Hawaii at some point to play.

“Seven” EP debut. One year later. Can you share some of the most memorable behind the scenes standout moments of the past 365+ days for the band?

The night before “Seven” was released I remember saying to my husband (Richie) “what would you do if we woke up and “Seven” got on the iTunes Charts, how freakin’ cool would that be” that morning we woke up to my phone going crazy with missed calls, texts, and all these emails. I sat in my bed with a cup of coffee, happy crying, as we watched “Seven” go from #25 to #17 on the iTunes Country Album chart, it was sitting between George Strait and Carrie Underwood, I was just so proud.

When your song “(Unmistakable Signs Of A) Bad Boyfriend” hit #43 (one above Old Dominion’s “Some People Do”) on Music Row’s Country Breakout Chart you wrote this might just be the publication trying to “put into the universe” that there should be an OD/HV tour. Where will this dreaming big tour be traveling to if the list will be all bucket list venues?

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Hahaa I am a firm believer in manifesting my dreams into reality so I was only semi-joking when I said that! We have been huge OD fans for a long time especially as songwriters, we’d just love to even have a drink with those guys one day. But if we’re talking bucket list.. MSG in NY, Red Rocks in CO, and The Ryman here in Nashville.

“Right Place Now” lyrically captures the essence of mind and heart intersecting. What message do you hope fans take away from your new single?

That even when you feel like you’re stuck in some unhappy situation whether it’s a relationship, a job, or even a city, that you have the power to change it and you’ll know when you’re in the right place.

If you were to create a “Right Place Now” playlist what other songs would be on it?

That’s tough, we’d use “places” as the theme so “New York State of Mind”, “Amarillo By Morning”, “Georgia On My Mind”, “Hotel California” those types of songs hahaa.

Hearing your songs on Radio Disney Country and other stations. Can you describe the first time you heard the band’s music on the radio?

We heard our first single “Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice” on Radio Disney Country when we were actually all together once, it was an awesome feeling. We’ve all heard our different songs at different times on different stations since then, but the moment of us all together when the “new music from Hudson Valley” announcement came on was very cool.

What are some things you are doing for the first time being at home for an extended time during the quarantine?

Since quarantine started I have successfully grown a large vegetable garden, it’s thriving and I’m very proud of it. And so much cooking and baking, like I’ve made dishes I normally would say I don’t have time figure out but now I have all the time in the world haha.




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