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The Start of a New Era: Lizzie Cates Releases “I Like the Way”

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At age 5, Lizzie Cates was creating her own fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Eight years later, the Reno, Nevada native was writing songs with her first guitar in hand.

Cates’ ability to tell a story is endless, and after receiving an International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA) Award for her breakout song “Strangers” in 2017, she moved to Nashville to hone her craft.

Favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes that influenced you to write your own as a child?

As the pandemic closed venues in March, how difficult was it to bring your live performance energy to an online show?

Writing while social distancing. “Forget to Forget” with co-writer Jason Witt … “” You said that the bridge was written in under 5 minutes. What makes this song a pop anthem?

Having your solo write, “King of Hearts”, song be nominated for the World Songwriting Awards for “Best Modern Country Song”. How does a recognition like this influence future song writing?

International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA) nominations. Fan voting. Reflecting on two debuts a year ago — your EP and Bluebird Cafe show. What was the pivotal moment when you knew moving to Nashville, a huge personal change, was the right one for you?

How have Boys Like Girls influenced your songwriting?

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Writing during the quarantine. Focusing on a positive during uncertain times, what has been a songwriting highlight these past few months?

Working for almost a year on your new single “I Like the Way’’, co-written with Hasting & Co. “” You said this song is the start of the next era for you. How does this music represent a change for you?

Another Jason Witt co-write, “Myself” “”. How challenging is it for artists to recreate themselves over their careers?

How has the new single opened doors for you?

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Upcoming appearance on Miss Hope United’s nationally televised beauty positive beauty pageant on September 26. Any special plans for your first tv appearance on a major television network?

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New family member Sora. Where did you adopt your 5 month old Scotttish Fold cat from?






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