“…the universal struggle of coping with life.” — Aspasia’s “The Millennial”

Aspasia is an Indie/Rock artist based in Nashville, TN. Her exciting live shows compel audience members to dance to the melodic synth and dynamic drums beats. Influenced by artists like Coin, Twenty One Pilots and Hippo Campus, Aspasia has a passion for lyrical storytelling and hopes to take listeners on an introspective journey when listening to her music.

At the end of every show, spectators get a unique and unforgettable experience as Aspasia sends a sea of bubbles into the crowd.

Grew up in Hinsdale, IL. What do you like to do when you visit your hometown?

My favorite thing to do when I visit my hometown is meet up with my high school friend and go to a local restaurant called Standard Market. They have what I consider to be my favorite meal on earth and you can only get it in Hinsdale! Of course, I also love to see shows in Chicago with my family and eat Garrett’s Popcorn and Giordano’s Pizza.

Art and collaboration. Introspective storytelling. Can you share the backstory for the first song you co-wrote?

The first song I ever co-wrote was at a songwriting workshop I did at NYU Steinhardt. I was paired with three other wildly talented songwriters and we were tasked to write a song from the perspective of somebody very different than ourselves. We ended up writing about a somewhat narcissistic “macho” guy who brought in all the girls and knew he was hot — we called it “The Big Bang” because he considered himself a huge deal (like the big bang!).

First EP, Idk, in 2016. Three singles released in 2018 (“Anthony,” “Two Years Ago,” and “Work This Out”). You said that “Work This Out” is one of the songs you most missed playing live. What can you do with the song live that you feel isn’t captured in the studio?

One of my favorite things about playing “Work This Out” live is that I get to hear the audience screaming the lyrics to the bridge with me. There’s something so therapeutic and magical about singing along with a crowd!

Playing local Nashville venues like The Basement, The End, Cabana Taps. Which venue is on your bucket list to perform?

The most notable Nashville venue on my bucket list is The Exit/In. It has such a rich history in the rock scene in Nashville, and some of my favorite and most iconic artists have played there in the past. It’s definitely the next step up for me, and it’s something I’ve been working towards since I began playing in Nashville almost 4 years ago. I really enjoy going to see shows there and it would be such an honor to get to perform there someday.

“The Millennial” — “There was this group of guys at my school that called themselves The Millennials. They all dyed their hair black, got tattoos and would stand outside smoking cigarettes. They thought they looked so cool. Deep down, I could tell they were all hurting and trying to find a way to make life less painful — and I think that can apply to a lot of us. You got a tattoo just to prove you like life when it hurts, but you don’t have to hurt. I wrote ‘The Millennial’ about those boys and the universal struggle of coping with life.” What are some resources you use when you’re going through stressful times?

When I’m going through stressful times, there’s nothing that helps more than going for a walk and listening to my favorite music. Sometimes, when I need a good cry, I’ll put on “Truce” by Twenty One Pilots and just allow myself to feel my emotions for a few minutes. I would love for my music to be someone’s little escape from the stresses of everyday life, where they could put on my song and go for a walk and smile or even cry if they need to. That’s really what has gotten me through hard times, and I hope that I can help people get through theirs.

“The cover for “The Millennial” is the first of 5 images I created in a world where everything is painted turquoise (my ideal world). It also symbolizes that just because you make something look pretty on the outside, doesn’t always mean that it’s good for you. You might find that you’re just covering up what you don’t want to see.” Working with Ryan from Small Hands Creative to design the artwork for the newest release. What is your favorite album cover of another artist’s?

My favorite album cover has to be Vessel by Twenty One Pilots. Not only is Vessel my favorite album of all time, but the cover is so meaningful and inspires me in a lot of ways. The cover is a photo of both of the duo’s grandfathers and it represents that the human body may die away, but the things we carry inside of us are what’s really important…like a vessel.

Upcoming EP. What do you hope people take away from your music?

I hope people really listen to the lyrics of my songs and understand that life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. I hope my music might give people a sense of purpose and that people can take away their own meaning from the songs I write. I hope that my shows can be a sense of escape for people, where they can forget the stresses of life and dance with strangers and blow bubbles for the first time maybe since they were a kid!









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