this. is. me. — Abbi Scott’s Southern Rock EP

this. is. me., which contains Abbi Scott’s previously released fan favorite single “Voodoo”, showcases five amazing Southern Rock, soulful songs that feature Scott’s signature country edge. Recorded at the famous Blackbird Studio and Grand Central South, her newest project (produced by Sal Oliveri) is sure to be a hit amongst fans.

What southern rock artists did you listen to growing up in Indiana?

I grew up listening a lot to Lynyrd Skynyrd, along with The Charlie Daniels Band and The Allman Brothers! And then most recent day southern rock group who is my favorite band, The Cadillac Three!

If you could interview any of those artists, who would it be and why?

I would absolutely love to have interviewed Lynyrd Skynyrd prior to the horrible accident with the plane crash. I think they would’ve been so knowledgeable and insightful for a young artist in the music industry.

You describe yourself as a “teller of stories”. What were your favorite stories growing up?

I’m a story-teller by nature because I not only have so many to tell, but I also love to be a great listener. One of the best family stories of all time growing up is our memory of making rock videos as a Christmas gift for my mom. My dad, brother and I would make the best Rock Music videos ever!

Can you share how winning a singing contest at a county fair at age 8 inspired your career?

This inspired my career because it built my self-confidence up and reassured me that I did have the ability to compete against other really talented singers!

What was it like the first time you sang professionally?

This was an amazing experience — I never really had any nerves…I was just ready to get up there and show people what a ‘lil 5’2’’ girl could do!

Favorite career moment to date?

Favorite moment would have been opening up for Lee Brice. He’s not only an incredible artist but such a nice person and that really stuck with me!

How has your mentor Julian Raymond helped you find your music identity?

Julian has really just inspired me to embrace who I am as a person and let that shine and to not give a s*** what anyone thinks about me! And now that’s exactly how I live.

What does your EP’s title, “this. is. me.”, represent to you?

This represents that for the first time in my life, I’m sharing a true creation of something that I’m proud to say this is my sound and this is who I am as an artist.

How difficult was it to choose the songs for the EP?

This was the longest part of the process because there were so many great songs but I’m really happy with what I chose.

What message do you hope fans take away from your music?

I hope fans take away that Southern Rock is still alive and well, and that this is something they can crank up and jam to! This is something to be played full volume in your car or home and to just really embrace the music.

The EP’s first single, “Voodoo”, introduced your new sound to fans. How has your music evolved from your very first songs?

My music has evolved in so many ways — I’ve matured as not only an artist but a person. My music has really encompasses the raw, nitty-gritty sound finally that I’ve always wanted.

You retweeted this quote, “Music has been proven to effectively lower stress hormone levels.” What are your go-to songs?

My go-to stress relief songs are No Doubt’s “Just a Girl,” anything at all by Motley Crue and Enter Sandman” by Metallica!

Saw you went back home for the Covered Bridge Festival. Which bridge is your favorite to visit in your home state?

I couldn’t pick one specific bridge in particular. Truly, I love them all and one of the best parts is just driving all through the country backroads to find them.

Bucket list venues to play in South Carolina?

My top one right now is a cool little eclectic venue called “The Pour House” on the island! It’s so neat and has such a cool vibe about it.

What are your plans for 2020?

My 2020 plans are just all over the board. I want to continue breaking molds in the music industry, really pursue getting “This.Is.Me.” on mainstream FM or SXM radio, playing more shows and larger venues and overall just be the best version of myself!

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