Tiffany Woys “Loved By You”

Recently named a Taste of Country Artist to Watch and a CMT “Next Up Now” artist, Tiffany Woys grew up being influenced by such powerhouse vocalists as Celine Dion, LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, Michael Jackson and Carrie Underwood. As a child, she’d look for any opportunity to get up and sing in front of people, and by the time she hit 20, she was recording an independent album and hitting the road. After honing her stage presence performing relentlessly, more than 100 shows sometimes for three plus hours a night in bars all over the West Coast, she decided to make the move to Nashville. Since arriving, she’s earned the respect of Music City insiders for her warm, evocative vocals and her plucky attitude. Woys has worked hard to get to this point in her career, and she’s ready for the next chapter.

Growing up in Sacramento, CA, your parents encouraged you to become an attorney. How have they now supported your music career?

I have been so fortunate that once my family really saw my passion and determination with music they never looked back and continued to encourage and support me. I always expressed that music was what I wanted but sometimes people need a bit more convincing and I was able to prove that this wasn’t just a phase. This was and is the only thing I want to do for my career.

What music did your family listen to?

Not country haha. I mean there were some artists that they listened to but my parents were much more into pop and soft rock. However, I always remember my family never sticking to a genre. If they liked it, they liked it. So that rubbed off on me quite a bit. I don’t have a favorite genre to listen to. If I like a song or an artist it won’t be determined by the genre. My playlists are well rounded.

Was there a specific song or artist that drew you to country music?

LeAnn Rimes. When I was 5 years old the moment I heard her sing the National Anthem I dove into anything she did which wasn’t much at the time but I loved her tone and the character in her vocals. Before her I was obsessed with Celine Dion who is obviously not country but these two women are vocalists and that’s originally what I knew I loved about music was becoming a vocalist. Before genre it was the voice that drew me in. After LeAnn it was Martina McBride and Faith Hill.

Which venues did you play in NorCal when you first started performing live?

When I first started performing live they were dive bars. Lots of dive bars. The very first venue I ever played at was a bar called “Valencia Club” in Penryn, CA. I’ll never forget it. They had a marquee outside and they put my name on it. I felt like “this is it”. Little did I know that nothing would come easy. I am grateful for the constant hardship though. Nothing worth having comes quickly or easily. It’s taken me years to really appreciate that statement but I have come a long way from 4 hour sets in bars and I can look back and be happy I spent 5 years doing that but grateful to be moving in a different direction.

How important is it for an artist to have a signature sound?

The most important. As an artist the worst thing we can hear is “oh, you know who you sound like [insert artist name here]”. Creating a brand, your own lane and your own sound is not easy but it should come naturally. If you stay true to yourself and not try to replicate someone else’s success, your sound will come to you. It took me years. Really figuring it out. It’s not as easy as just asking the question, “what’s your sound?” It takes a lot of self discovery through trial and error. It is what separates you from everyone else in the marketplace. Most people get the opportunity to hear you before they see you so to make sure you have your own lane is crucial.

2019, a four song EP and “Hostage” which climbed to #38 on Billboard’s National Country Radio Indicator Chart. With live shows on hold, how can artists get their songs heard and streamed?

It’s tricky. A lot of it without the right marketing is throwing things at a wall and hoping it sticks. We have to be present on social media. Try and grow that part in hopes it will drive new listeners to the music. I was so lucky to have just gone out on a multiple month radio tour prior to this. Which has created a lot of wonderful relationships. Radio has been so kind to me and has embraced me and my music. I know not all artists are in this position so I always encourage artists to look into play listing help during this time. You never know who is listening and it only takes one person to share and it can go from there. However, staying connected through your socials and taking this time to really work on that could be exactly what an artist needs to get their music heard. Social media is harder than most think and growing that audience takes an incredible amount of time.

What drew you to record “Priceless” (co-written by Emily Shackelton, Kelly Archer, Mickey Guyton)? The song premiered via Radio Disney Country and climbed to #14 on their chart.

Priceless” was the last song I had heard before deciding what was going to be on the EP. It wasn’t the last recorded but it was the last one pitched. Artists struggle with “tempo” issues. We need a ballad, we need a mid tempo etc. I like to just go with my gut and try not to follow rules. The EP didn’t really have the fun and carefree song. It was lacking something lighthearted. The moment I heard it, I knew. Mickey was the voice in the demo and we all know I’m a sucker for a vocalist. She is magical. I have been a fan of hers for years. I knew it was her right away. Shows you how your sound is crucial. It makes the job easier when the demo is so perfectly done. It had a message that I stand behind. A message I thought was important to everyone. I was coming out of a breakup and reminding myself that I’m worth everything I want in a relationship. Turns out, it was my first single and opened so many doors for me.

Your ‘happy’ love song “Loved By You”. The video was filmed at Rosemary Beach in Florida with your boyfriend Jeff. What was it like working together? Did you originally envision the story board with him in it?

It was so much fun working with him! I’m not going to lie. I was nervous at first. One, because I knew he hadn’t done anything like this and two, we had a lot to prove. When it’s an actor there’s not a lot on the line but when it’s the real thing you want to make sure that it’s captured that way or you lose the whole effect. Luckily, I love the way it turned out! I always envisioned him in it. There was never another way I would have done it. If it wasn’t him in the video for whatever reason then I wouldn’t have had a costar at all. This song was cut for him. It would have been so odd to have someone in his place considering he is the reason I released this song. This was the first time I had the full vision for a music video without much discussion first. All the way down to wardrobe I knew exactly what I wanted. My director, Robert Chavers, whom I have used for all my projects always does an exceptional job and we really trust each other’s vision. He made mine into reality.

Blooper reel — having a boat come through during the filming of “Loved By You”. What has been the craziest, unplanned thing that has happened while you are performing?

That might have been it! I have been pretty lucky with filming. Nothing goes exactly as planned but nothing has ever been so crazy.

While filming the video for “Love Has No Heart” we were in a small church in Nashville for parts of it. We had to rush through a bit of those scenes because an actual wedding was taking place. I imagine the bride wasn’t thrilled and I felt bad! If it were my wedding day and I had no time to set up I couldn’t imagine. I heard she was totally cool with it and now I aspire to be like that woman when I get married.

Your new single went to radio. How are you able to connect with radio stations while being homebound?

I try my best to stay connected. Wonderful people I work with help me with contacts so I am able to call and just say a simple thank you. Their support has changed everything for me. If it weren’t for radio I’m not quite sure what my path would look like.

#TNStayApart Campaign. #FlattenTheCurve. Advice for people who are staying homebound but having a difficult time being separated from family and friends?

I totally get it! My whole family lives in California. They all get to be together and I’m at home with my two cats. I’m so lucky that I have my boyfriend here with me as well. I suggest a lot of FaceTime. Take up a new hobby! I’ve become pretty good at cooking and I’m going to start tie dying some old sweats and sweatshirts. I workout everyday. More than I used to. As long as you remember you are not alone even if you are doing this physically alone. It’s so important to listen to our local and federal government. This is just a small fracture of time in your life in the bigger scheme of things but it could take longer if we don’t try and come together (not physically) to flatten the curve. My heart aches for the those who were actually affected. Whether that was losing their job or actually losing a loved one. I can’t pretend to know exactly what that feels like. But it’s enough for me to take this seriously and I hope everyone else continues to. Just because something may not be directly effecting you it’s hurting others. Now it is the time to act selfless for our neighbors and loved ones.

Peloton classes and other exercise during the current quarantine. Do you have an exercise playlist you can share with fans?

I should! But I don’t. Peloton has their own music playlists for each class! However, when I cook I always play Lauv, Brett Young or Dan + Shay.

‘Day dreaming of Disneyland’ is in your bio. Bucket list of post coronavirus pandemic places to visit?

Well, my 30th birthday is in July and I was hoping to go somewhere fun with friends and family. It doesn’t look like that will be happening and I’m ok with it! There are bigger things happening. I can always celebrate when it’s safe. I’ll be running to Disney once this is over I can tell you that! Also wouldn’t mind something tropical!

“Loved By You” 📷 credit: Robert Chavers

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