Trevor Knight Releases New Single “Not That Kind of Guy”

Donna Block
10 min readNov 8, 2019


Emerging singer-songwriter Trevor Knight is a recording artist, pianist and singer-songwriter hailing from the dirt roads of Minnesota.

Influenced by soul-pop and great hooks, Knight writes meaningful ballads to inspire others through his lyrics. His sound was developed while being a part of an acapella group at Dartmouth College.

Once placing as a finalist in the “Dartmouth Idol” competition, he started envisioning a career in music and moved to NYC shortly after college. Throughout the process of crafting and recording his debut single “Giving It Up,” Knight got a glimpse of what a life in music could be like — and he was hooked.

Growing up in Minnesota, what artists did you listen to? How have those artists influenced your music?

I grew up listening to the radio and CDs in the car, and in Minnesota, they play a lot of country music. Zac Brown Band was the first artist I really latched onto, and my first ever concert was seeing them play in St. Paul. Top 40-style pop was common as well, and my mom had a bunch of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC CDs that we would blast on the way to school. I have no doubt that the catchiness and satisfying groove of those styles of music influenced my writing. The songwriting style of country is something I’ve come to appreciate as well — strong storytelling and meaningful messages are things I try to convey in my music.