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Priscilla Block Updates. 1K+ followers already. What inspired you to start the page for Priscilla?

When I first started this page, I never imagined it growing as quickly as it did. 1K followers is something I never could have imagined, and I am beyond grateful for the support people have shown for this page! For a few years now, I have followed other update accounts for other artists, and had always admired the hard work and care people put into their pages. I actually ended up becoming good friends with one of them, and she always talked about how much she loves being able to connect fans to each other and even make connections with fans herself, and always just saying how fun it is to run the page and keep people updated on everything. I found Priscilla on TikTok and instantly become a fan.

Shortly after “Just About Over You” started climbing on radio, I realized that she didn’t have an update account and thought this was the perfect opportunity to create one since I had been wanting to run one for a while now but wanted it to be for the right reason. So, it was the perfect storm to be able to create one for one of my favorite artists. I’m so happy I’ve made this account because I’ve already been able to connect with so many fans and hear their stories about how much Priscilla has inspired them, and it’s a really special thing to see as a fan! I also love being able to find live videos from shows and give fans a way to “see” Priscilla without actually being there.

First single, “Tip Of My Tongue,” was released five years ago. Priscilla shared that a chance meeting with Taylor Swift stopped her from leaving Nashville to return home to Raleigh, North Carolina. After a year in Music City (she had moved shortly after high school), she was, in her words, “just crumbling, day by day.”

She was leaving work, wearing a Swift T-shirt, when Taylor stopped and told her she loved her shirt. She shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that this inspired her to quit her job, quit school, and figure out her music career. Working with collaborators, including her roommate Sarah Jones, she said that “the hustle was at an all-time high.”

This led her to posting songs on TikTok like “Thick Thighs” and “PMS” in the middle of the pandemic lockdown. Another chance meeting, her ex-boyfriend at a nearby bar, resulted in a FaceTime writing session that produced “Just About Over You.” The hit song helped her gain a large social media following and a growing and dedicated fanbase.

Connection to her fans is something she is committed to, letting them peer straight into her world.

Debut album, Welcome to the Block Party, “You get the funny, you get the sassy, you get the trashy, you get the sad. You get everything that makes me, me.” To celebrate reaching 1K followers you had a contest for Block Party fans to win a T-shirt. What else do you have planned for fans?

I am hoping to do some more giveaways in the future, as well as maybe feature fans once every few weeks so they are able to share their stories and how Priscilla has inspired them. I am always looking for ways to connect with the Block Party, and how I can connect everyone with each other. I also always try to showcase when fans make merch or edits, because I always think it’s the coolest thing seeing the creativity people have. Another thing that I could see happening is maybe hosting “Block Parties” where fans could zoom with each other about new music releases or just to meet each other in a safe community.

CMA Fest, the experience brought Priscilla to tears. ACMs. CMT Next Women of Country and Breakthrough Video of the Year nominee. ACM Awards, Red Carpet host. Music Row Magazine, Breakout Artist of the Year. Welcome To The Block Party headlining tour. Nashville Meets London Music Festival in August in London. Known to shotgun a beer. “I’ve always been a bar girl. It’s not even necessarily, you know, go to the bar, and get drunk with your friends. There’s just something about a bar that inspires me as an artist and a writer. I mean, half of my ideas, I just sit at the bar listening to drunk people talk. It’s amazing.” Which deep cut song of Priscilla’s would you recommend to a new fan and why?

Is all of them an acceptable answer?

“Like A Boy” is my personal favorite song of hers, but if I were to recommend a deep cut to a new fan, I would probably recommend “Heels In Hand.” A huge reason why I am a fan of hers is her songwriting, and the metaphor that this song is something that I haven’t heard from songwriting before. And the production on the song kind of makes you forget you’re listening to a sad song, which I also think is a really cool part of it. But you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

Signed with Mercury Nashville, fall 2020. “My Bar,” co-written with Lexie Hayden and Stone Aielli, is the follow-up to “Just About Over You.” Read the backstory is Priscilla heard another woman sobbing on the bathroom floor at Nashville’s Tin Roof after seeing her ex at the club. “I just whipped the paper towel off the wall. I was like, ‘Get up, pull yourself together. You look hot. Go out there because this is your bar.” The song was written to defy outdated female stereotypes. Stone said, “Historically, bars were like guy hangouts. If a girl was there, it was because she was A, with a guy; B, trying to meet a guy; or C, she was working there. It wasn’t really the same thing as it is now.” Justin Johnson, who worked on the final production, shared that, “…I think ‘Cilla’s charm comes from that genuine intimacy that she gives. She’s unapologetically herself in her music and her day-to-day life, and we were really striving for what feels real and what feels genuine to her.” Continuing with that thought, how have you seen the page build a strong community through sharing genuine feelings?

I’ve had a lot of people tell me about the impact “Thick Thighs” has had on them, and it’s really inspiring to see how fans have embraced that song, because Priscilla (along with Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll) wrote that song for that exact reason. And the fact that people have told me how much they love that or how her other songs have helped them through a breakup or other circumstances, I think that just shows how much the Block Party trusts each other and the openness that Priscilla has inspired.

Priscilla, along with Kara, started a 30-day gym challenge. Have they influenced your own summer exercise plans?

Actually yes! Seeing them make the time to be able to do that every day with their busy schedules and how good it makes them feel made me want to do the same, so I’m following along in the 30-day challenge.

Looking ahead, what do you have planned for the fan page for the rest of ’22?

This is something I am always thinking about, whether it’s how to put out different content or how to connect with fans more. One thing I want to do is more live videos, especially around big events such as song releases or award shows. Another thing I want to do is what I mentioned about with fan features, because the other fans are what make this page happen. I also would love to do a contest of some sort or maybe collaborate with some fans on content. I am always looking for new ideas and always want to improve the page as best I can!

Do you see yourself getting more involved in the music industry?

Working in the music business world is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and this page has really solidified those feelings for me. Being able to make my own content for this page and keeping track of Priscilla’s shows is a glimpse into that world, and I’m hoping that as I learn more running this page, that I can translate that into a job in the music business!

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