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“When She Gets A Hold On You” A Love Song From Paul Bogart

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Though his songs are fresh and he himself is young, Paul Bogart is an old soul with a knack for capturing time-honored traditions and summing up classic sentiments in catchy, commercially-viable songs. Exuding sincerity and a rare, down-to-earth charm, he is, simply put, the epitome of traditional country music. His latest takes us back to the beginning of a man’s love story, a musical journey filled with joyful, heartfelt emotions.

Traditional country music. For new fans, what are the key elements of traditional lyrics and sound?

I am by no means the authority on what is or isn’t traditional country music, I just know what I like and folks tell me that my music is traditional country. I think it has everything to do with great songs being played by real instruments; and odds are fiddle and steel guitar are in the band.

Do you feel pretty open to explore your sound without fear of how well it will be accepted?

Fearing if I’m going to be accepted is really a moot point at this stage in my career. I am what I am. Yes, my music has evolved, but I have been playing the same style of music since I showed up to Nashville 15 years ago.

Homebound Hoedown, bringing fans and artists/writers together while apart. What are some positives that have come from the online shows?

The Homebound Hoedown has been an encouragement to me and my wife, one because it is a creative outlet in this shutdown, and two we are being encouraged and we are feeling the love in all the comments left by our family and supporters.

Besides the online tip jars and shopping for artist merch, how can fans best show support for artists?

Yes, I want to sell merchandise, and it is very helpful when we find tips in the virtual tip jar, but truly their encouragement in the comments is good for my soul.

You’ve had the opportunity recently to go water skiing, hunt, fish with the family, and hang out with your dad during the quarantine.

Your song “Leather” shined the spotlight on weathering storms together. Have you written any new songs about the challenges that you and your family, along with so many others, have overcome these past few months?

I haven’t written any new ones regarding current challenges, but I know a song like that will eventually come out because it seems like they always do.

Your new song “When She Gets A Hold On You”. Taking a traditional love story and giving it your own contemporary sound. What message do you hope fans take from it?

I think “When She Gets A Hold On You” has the same message as all the other love songs ever since the beginning of love songs. The trick is writing that same idea from a new and fresh- and hopefully clever perspective. I like writing pictures into songs, like giving an old house new furniture.

What do you like to do when you need a creative break or to find inspiration for your music?

When I need a “creative break” I want to get in the woods, hunting with my boys, or get horseback with the family doing a little team roping.

How important it is to you that your art reflects your authentic voice and perspective?

I think it’s very important. I don’t fake it well. If I don’t believe what I am singing about, I have a hard time selling it.

Music heals. Which songs/artists would you put on a playlist that have helped you and your family get through these uncertain times?

Some of my favorites are

Good Ole Boys Like Me, Don Williams

Lean On Me, Bill Withers

Flies On The Butter, The Judds

The House That Built Me, Miranda Lambert

The Weight, The Band



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