‘When you realise your Ex is now a Why… like why did I date you in the first place?’ — Jasmin Bade’s “X’s and Y’s”

Donna Block
5 min readAug 27, 2021


Photo Credit: Keith Costelo

Jasmin Bade hit the ground running when she touched down in Nashville straight out of college. As a songwriter, the Aussie native is skilled at getting to the root of the story, which brings authenticity to her lyrics. Her writing focuses on love, relationships with others, and relationships with ourselves.

“… sometimes we don’t acknowledge how hard just the day-to-day hustle is. Everyone’s got something difficult going on, and most times we can’t see it. The list of things we all have to do just to be able to lay down in bed at night and say, “nothing more to do today!” and go to sleep, is huge, and we often don’t give ourselves the time to work through or let out the ever-growing stack of frustrations in our minds. So, this post, if anything, is me giving you permission to vent. Let it out.” Music City. Bonding through music. Advocate for mental health, debut single “I’m Fine.” Can you share ways we can maintain balance while pursuing our personal/career goals?

Finding balance is definitely something I try to prioritize, and I work on day-to-day. I’m definitely no master at it, but you’ll never win if you don’t try! I think ensuring you allot time in your schedule for more than just work and sleep is so important. Having time to see friends and time to do absolutely nothing at all is so imperative! Our minds need time to refuel, as do our bodies, and sometimes it takes a little work to find the time to HAVE the time to relax, but I find it’s all worth it in the end.

Recent TikTok song shares:

“I wrote this when I didn’t want another sad country song… and when I realised the only person I needed to be happy was me.” “Superpower.”

“I wrote this after coming out of something where every time a certain song came on, I was taken right back… and not in a good way. I knew I should skip the track, but I never would.” “Skip This Song.”

“Have you ever lost someone and it hurt so bad that you thought the pain would never go away? Well I wrote this about me, but I wrote it FOR you. Because nothing in life is permanent, and everything, even the pain, is temporary.” “Temporary.”

Social media & music. How does it impact a singer/songwriter’s song release decisions?

I definitely know some writers that go into a session with the main goal being ‘this is going to be a TikTok hit,’ and there’s nothing wrong with that and we all have to make a living out here. But, for me, the passion lies in the storytelling and the connection with the audience, and luckily that type of song will often resonate with an audience on social media. Release strategies have definitely changed — now the whole ‘pre-save’ thing is huge, and everyone gets to hear your song without ever having to buy your record. I think it’s definitely important to consider the new age we’re in, but at the end of the day the thing that still works best for me is meeting people and playing for them in person whenever I get the chance!

New merch for the song, co-written with Emily Kroll (“Just About Over You”) and Jessi Pugh, produced by Steven Martinez (Pentatonix, Lionel Richie). T-shirts … saw your Instagram story with ‘X and Y’ cookies .. taking orders?

I wish I could bake enough cookies to ship them out across the world! Although there will be some really fun new T-Shirts available soon!

Beach trips. Cape Cod.

Universal. Harry Potter World.

“When I got back to Nashville I tried explaining on FaceTime to my dad why it’s so special to me. I think because at so many different times in my life, Harry Potter and his world provided an escape when I thought that wasn’t possible. Every single night I knew that even though at times it would be such a challenge to turn off what was going through my head, I could step into his world and get to sleep.” If you could write a song for a scene in a Harry Potter movie, which one would you choose and how would the lyrics go?

This is definitely a question I’ve never been asked before! It’s so hard to answer because there are so many magical scenes I’d want to write about. If I had to choose one it might be in The Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry comes down the stairs in the Gryffindor common room to find Mrs. Weasley has knitted him a sweater and he gets his invisibility cloak. Harry and Ron are just so hopeful and excited, and Hogwarts at Christmas is the dream. I wouldn’t dare attempt to write music any different to that of John Williams’ original score though!

Would your logo be a nod to Harry?